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1st August, 2007 at 08:10:22 -

Nice work! I'd like to play a whole level of this, so please finish at least that much.

Just a couple of things:

The default controls are awkward. I'm a lefty and I still felt like I was never going to get used to them. Maybe your beta testers are ambidextrous..! It doesn't matter if the player can press Ctrl+Y to change the controls, the default setup should be easy to use for most people. I would suggest cursor keys for movement and A/S (or 1/2 if differing international keyboard layouts really bother you) for shooting/jumping. It would also be nice to have a 3rd button to enable the player to stop while shooting diagonally up/left or up/right.

A few people have already mentioned the endless somersault bug, and I saw it a few times too. Contra is a tricky engine to mimic, and you've made a good effort. You probably just need to jiggle around (technical terms soz!!1) the events a little to get it working perfectly.

One other minor thing; rather an inconsistency than a bug if you're aiming for a perfect Contra engine: If you walk off the edge of a platform, the guy does a somersault jump. AFAIK, this never happened in any 2D version of Contra - it should be a single-frame falling animation (very similar to one of the frames in the Walking anim). A minor thing, but Contra fans will notice it immediately.

Good luck with the game - if you release it at the same time as Contra 4 (DS) you'll get a lot more interest.


columbo borgi :C


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1st August, 2007 at 08:27:28 -

Kalle T: that homepages is not ready, sry ;>
Nim: thanks for your advices, im going to do something for that juping amination ;>
im glad to see an other contra fan like me right here ;>
im really looking forward to contra4 for ds. i already own a ds so, im just waiting.



At least 9001


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1st August, 2007 at 09:40:45 -

Do what I did in DNATG; the Z key does everything the Y key does too.


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