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11th December, 2008 at 23:58:07 -

So far I have 131 backups of my game(each increment being more updated then the last) I back it up pretty religiously, like every hour or 2. Also I make sure to email myself a copy every few days in case of some freak HDD accident.

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12th December, 2008 at 00:44:44 -

If we're playing the backup game I has collected 84 versions of my game, each with 8 autobackups starting at 5mb each to 190mb. I need a frickin terrabyte drive. It's totally excessive but the nosalgia of seeing the game in nappies is awesome

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12th December, 2008 at 02:01:17 -

Originally Posted by Dr. James
.. seeing the game in nappies ..



13th December, 2008 at 11:34:30 -

I have 5 game files and each time I save after a period of work, i take the next one. After the last one, the first will be saved again.
And each month i burn a copy on a cd, just to make sure a total pc crash cannot harm me THAT much.
Over a year of daily work would be gone, not just a few days......

I do this because once my pc crashed WHILE saving an older project and of course, the file was destroyed........

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13th December, 2008 at 16:22:41 -

I have around 100 backups of Lil' pirate, with strange names all over the place, so i cant really count them. But actually during working on it, the worst i ever got was one or two bad objects.


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13th December, 2008 at 21:08:44 -

Originally Posted by AndyUK
I have around 100 backups of Lil' pirate, with strange names all over the place, so i cant really count them. But actually during working on it, the worst i ever got was one or two bad objects.

And all over the ectoprods uploads folder.

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14th December, 2008 at 01:18:23 -

Send your file to Jeff or Yves on clickteam forums. Like someone else said, they are sometimes able to recover files, and it also helps them to find bugs in MMF2.

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15th December, 2008 at 06:16:00 -

Yeah, sorry to hear that, man. It's the reason why most of us old-time klikers keep at least an auto-backup. KNP ruined 3 months of work on my first game. I got so pissed at it, I bought MMF

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16th December, 2008 at 20:20:26 -

I don't know if anyone mentioned this before, I didn't read the rest of the thread, But if you running windows vista try right clicking on the .mfa select properties from the drop down menu and then selecting the previous versions tab, if you've had the file long enough vista might have made a shadow copy of an older version. Just a last resort.



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16th December, 2008 at 20:37:53 -

Had to check it... 3.17 Gb of back-ups for Malayalam - Island of Mysteries (on three hard drives).

And what's funny is that all those hundreds of mfa's, except one, were competely useless (good sign of MMF2 general stability). But you never know when you're going to need them, and without that very special one, the game might have even ended up abandoned.

Anyway, regarding your case here, I'd also recommend to post at the CT forums; maybe CT staff are able to recover the corrupted file.


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16th December, 2008 at 23:03:53 -

Well, I got the game back up to 50%. And I have about 20 backups, because I'm going to be extremely anal retentive now.

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17th December, 2008 at 00:09:27 -

I really need to remember to make back-ups of my mfa documents. I should put one on each of my thumb drives, otherwise one of these days I'm going to get utterly screwed. Like if my Harddrive got totaled. Owch. X('|


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