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Ok folks listen up
News posted 18th December, 2002 by Rikus  
Phew the daily click was almost gone today.... It seemed we used up: 414GB this month when only 40 gb is allowed!

Thanks to a very generous offer of:, and the donation of Steve (you rule steve:) We can now stay online for the next 3 months. At the moment we need to come up with 35 dollars a month for the site to stay online. We are good for now, i'll update the donation page with this info later. Datastream made us a very good deal for a site that generates 414 gb a month. I will be placing a pop-up page on our site tonight that links to there site, they are sponsering us partly now to. So if you need a site be sure to sign up with them, they rule:) Ok that's all enjoy the site:)

Posted by Muz 18th December, 2002

Ow...$35 a month? That's gonna be tough seeing how hard it was for us to raise a hundred or so for a year...
Posted by Steve Harris 18th December, 2002

one way to save on bandwidth would be to get other sites with highbandwidth allowances to host images for you... i'd be more than happy to help in that department as i've "unlimited" bandwidth and don't use much of that.....
Posted by Muz 18th December, 2002

Host images? Um..I don't think that'll lower bandwidth. I mean, hosting files might...but don't images still have to load through the site? Somehow, I get the feeling that the forum might count for at least 200 GB per month :P.
Posted by Jason Orme 18th December, 2002

errrr No
Posted by The Chris Street 18th December, 2002

Bah, not popups. And you know DC just managed to survive? Planet Klik wasn't so fortunate o_O
Posted by Steve Harris 18th December, 2002

No you couldn't host the actual files as their needed on the server that dc runs from, but someone else hosting the images would be fine
Posted by Steve Harris 18th December, 2002

Just donated $50 to you noble cause Rikus
Posted by Muz 18th December, 2002

I'd donate too...if only I could(and if only my donations would amount to much). These pop-ups are pretty darn annoying. I'm glad I use Opera. I'd hate to think what torture the pop-ups do to IE users. Oh's better to survive with pop-ups rather than not survive at all...
Posted by Joshtek 18th December, 2002

to save on space, since most of this is repeated text you could make a routine in Javascript for it to be mostly re-created client-side...maybe....
Posted by Padster 18th December, 2002

Yes...CLEVER idea Paul
Posted by RapidFlash 18th December, 2002

Geocities! You monster! And if the forums take up space, delete year old topics with consent of the author.
Posted by Kamandwoi kreations 18th December, 2002

have eva throught of having sum small adverts on the site. they may help rasis funds.
Posted by Ashman 18th December, 2002

Aye Korrumba!!! I know alot of people (especially me) will hate this, but how about just having one forum....the help one...dump the misc and general and all that crap and stick with the bare requirements
Posted by PeterG 19th December, 2002

No, I think the forums are neccesary on a site like this. I dont mind the popups, as long as they arent annoying ones which are hard to close. As long as the sites still here, im happy.
Posted by skn3 19th December, 2002

Errr this has nothing to do with the space the site takes up. The fact is everytime you visit the site. Data has to be transmitted to you. Each visit may be from 1k-500k (min to extreme) And now imagine that with everyone visiting throught the day, and total it over a month. IT tots up. I can't see how the hell 410 gigs were used, but oh well.
Posted by skn3 19th December, 2002

why not replace the pop-up , with a perminent logo in the top section (next to the DC logo) pop-ups can easily be blocked, and are extremly annoying. There always has to be an alternative ;)
Posted by Mindstorms 19th December, 2002

then use ur easy blocking method.....
Posted by OFFINC/Aharms 19th December, 2002

Muz if every one donated a little bit then it would amount to alot, that's a crappy additude... I'm for getting rid of the forums any ways... everytime I go their I am overwhelmed by stupidity... most generating from a few people actucaully... In fact I hate every one whose name begins with M except for the guy who commented b4 me.
Posted by Mindstorms 19th December, 2002

lol.....good to know you dont hate me.....i guess
Posted by Bart 19th December, 2002

Lol, I think Datastreamusa is FUCKING PEOPLE OVER First PK goes over 40GB when their site doesn't really get much traffic then you get 400+GB when you barely host any of the games submitted here? I really wonder what's going on with this company =) Or maybe they have that thing called "cheap bandwith"
Posted by skn3 19th December, 2002

Not at all bart. Acoders have been hosted there for almost a year. A site like PK and TDC generates so much traffic, only because of teh fact that people lurk on the page constantly refreshing, hoping something new has been added. Mind storm I have used my blocking method. But if you read the tone of my post, i infact wan't to support datastream. They are a good company, so blockable banners should not be used. MEANING, everyone is forced to see the advertising. Make sense ?
Posted by Bart 20th December, 2002

Skn - Erm, TDC sure generates alot of traffic but they dont host anything. Look at the front page, the screenshots of the games aren't even hosted here! I think it's that huge background in the back of all pages, It is a large file and it is probably not cached.
Posted by Muz 22nd December, 2002

Yeah, I was wondering HOW TDC could possibly get up to 414 GB a month. I mean, would be a famous URL, but even if 100K people visited it a month, it shouldn't amount to 414 GB a month! 41.4 GB a month is believable...but 414 GB?! It's only possible if all the stuff downloaded off the downloads page is counted.


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