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It's Fame Academ...uh... KLIK Academy!
News posted 18th September, 2003 by The Chris Street  
What do the awful Fame Academy and Klik Academy have in common, aside from the name? They're both places to demonstrate sounds! While Fame Academy is only able to do just this, Klik Academy is so much more. It's basically a brand new community site, and it boasts a lot of interactivity. It's created by Neo, who also made Ministry Of Games, and it shares a similar look and feel. It's more of a tutorial place, and well worth a look.

Click here to visit Klik Academy, and if you do like Fame Academy, I'll kill you. Pop Idol is so much better ;)

Posted by Pete Nattress 18th September, 2003

"Pop Idol is so much better" jesus, i hope that you're joking. they're both as bad as each other.
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 18th September, 2003

But, more importantly, what the hell is going on in Circy's avatar?
Posted by Joe.H 18th September, 2003

no sane person sits at a computer half naked taking strange photos of himself to show thw whole world how insane he is...
Posted by Steve Harris 18th September, 2003

I hope your not putting them in your modelling portfolio Circy :D
Posted by Stian B. 18th September, 2003

Podge...hehe :)I wouldnt bent over for the soap if I was in the same shower as Circy... :P
Posted by Mindstorms 18th September, 2003

"and it shares a similar look and feel. " phpnuke....gee. not that theres anything necessarily wrong with that
Posted by Blake 18th September, 2003

It's not phpnuke, but it's the same script as MoG, which makes it feel kinda unoriginal or moreso just plain. Some ideas would be to refine the script and not have things like "page 0" on the bottom of sections, etc etc ;)
Posted by Blargh 19th September, 2003

Circy, can u please show us all a normal picture of you? Not poking a face? We want to see what you really look like.
Posted by Steve Harris 19th September, 2003

Yes its not phpnuke its all coded by me.... The site will evolve hopefully due to user input, I am noting down everyones suggestions and will hopefully implement them all asap. Oh and MoG nicked the scripts from KA not the other way round ;) I just finished MoG sooner :D
Posted by Broomie 19th September, 2003

Neo: "Secondly I would like to mention that this is my first attempt at a community site, so it may not be perfect but please be patient and let us know in the forums or by PM what you would like to see changed/added etc" What the-? I thought you made Mininstry of Klik. Wasn't that a community site aswell? Anyway, the site looks fab but if I see another Klik Community I'll rip out my intestines and strangle someone with it, thus killing us both. ^_^
Posted by The Chris Street 19th September, 2003

Ah, but Ministry of Klik was PHP-Nuke and therefore not his work. Michael, I could show a normal pic of me, but whats the fun in that?! Heres a piccy of me when I was about 16/17-ish:
Posted by Steve Harris 19th September, 2003

What Circy said
Posted by Mindstorms 19th September, 2003

ahh, ur right, its not nuke. i just took a quick glance at it and it really had that nuke feel.


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