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New Games - Caveworm and Highway Crossing Frog
News posted 16th December, 2003 by The Chris Street  
RyGuyX has submitted a double whammy, in the form of Caveworm, and the rather graphically stunted Highway Crossing Frog. The latter is, rather obviously, a Frogger clone, with eight levels, while the former has you guiding your worm through a cave (doy), whilst attempting to stay alive for as long as possible. Ding Dong Merrily On High, as one might say.

Comments from the Author (on Caveworm):
"I'm sure most of you have played this game in one form or another. If not: you're a worm who's flying through an underground passage and crashing in to things kills you. "

Click here to download Caveworm and read its reviews
Click here to download Highway Crossing Frog and read its reviews

Posted by Blackgaze 16th December, 2003

Matrix Reloaded MTY awards: art: i cant belive they called it "Highway crossing frog" person: that is so lame!
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th December, 2003

yet again i say; i made that video! i so proud and proud of RyguyX gettin his games on frontpage
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th December, 2003

do some research, under the action download description page of this game it clearly states that he was inspired by my video which was inspired by the MTV Movie Awards
Posted by Blackgaze 17th December, 2003

yes... of course. and i created the matrix!
Posted by Dr. James MD 17th December, 2003

lol fair enuff dont believe me. it actually makes me happy cuz if you think i didnt make it then it MUST be good! :D
Posted by J.J 18th December, 2003

Posted by Dr. James MD 18th December, 2003

Will Ferelll is cool now lol before Elf i never knew he existed!
Posted by RyGuyX 21st December, 2003

I was inspired by the sound of Will Ferell saying "Highway Crossing Frog" which I heard in jay's video. I don't watch MTV; I stopped that in 7th grade.


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