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New Game - Click Driver
News posted 25th June, 2004 by The Chris Street  
Ahh, the good old days. Remember those driving games that were made out of keyboard characters? Well, Aves Fox has simulated those good old days by creating Click Driver, right down to the graphics - if you can call them that. For those with retro (and happy) memories, this is worth a download. Comments from the Author:
"This game was made mainly for my fun and entertainment.. It was also to test my chances of making a random road generator, and an engine that resembled that of the old Apple Driving sim. The graphics were ""purposely"" ((take note, please)) made to look like it's 8 bit counterpart.. though I havent played the game in over a decade, I pretty much have an idea of what it did look like.. Granted, I kinda enchanced it a bit with some splashy 2 color graphics, and a not so fancy MMF button set for the main level select screen. "

Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by MisterBull 25th June, 2004

Wow... my second game.. and like my first, it made it front page... o_o;; Thanks Circy
Posted by leilei 25th June, 2004

I sorta made something like this in 2000 or so :P


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