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Click Driver (A 4 bit Apple Classic)
Author: MisterBull Submitted: 25th June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Drive 'Em Up Downloads: 202

Edited By Aves Fox on 6/25/2004

Back when I was in elementary school, I remember my teacher Ms. Oglesbee and Ms. Burkhaulter both had these really old Apple computers.. and on these computers were these really old 4 bit dos like games. The most memorable of these games was a game called Driver... a simple yet, very adictive game that was made up of text integers.

The goal of the game was to avoid wrecking your vehicle into the walls of a seamlesly random road. The game has 3 levels to chose from. The first would be wide, and fairly easy to stir through.. the second would be a bit more smaller, making it more harder.. then the third.. would be the most dificult to beat.. a very narrow and hard to pass level (I was the first in the class to actually beat level 3)

Me and my classmates would pile around the computer when class was least bit busy... we'd take turns (or fight over turns) to see who could beat all three tracks first. This would happen just about every day without tire. In my memory, this game was so adictive, it literally drove our teacher crazy trying to get us away from the accursed machene.

Now, it's been 15 years sense I played the old classic... I've searched and looked all over the internet hoping I'd find something related to the old Apple game, but never had much luck... So I decided it'd be easier for me to build the game for myself... And so.. I did.

This game was made mainly for my fun and entertainment.. It was also to test my chances of making a random road generator, and an engine that resembled that of the old Apple Driving sim. The graphics were ""purposely"" ((take note, please)) made to look like it's 8 bit counterpart.. though I havent played the game in over a decade, I pretty much have an idea of what it did look like.. Granted, I kinda enchanced it a bit with some splashy 2 color graphics, and a not so fancy MMF button set for the main level select screen.

But I ghope everyone could forgive me for the 2 color green monocrome look of the game, and just enjoy the adictive gameplay.. there's not much there.. but it's still enough to make me relive my childhood..

**sighs**.. sweet memories.. ;_;

left arrow: continually merge left
right arrow: continually merge right
up arrow: move straight

note: You dont have to hold the buttons down to keep the car moving in it's current path.. Just a simple tap of the button works fine

~~Game Flaws~~~~~

Sorry about the dead air, I was planning on adding some basic sound FX to the game a while back, but never got the time to work with dos made sound... A second version of the game is in the thought process and will have advnced graphics and some nice techy sound FX, plus music.

Rght now, the current version of this game is nothing more then an adictive test run of my abilities.

Thanks for your understanding

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Posted by The Chris Street 25th June, 2004

I made a ski-ing game very much like this in BASIC once :D It was great fun (and turned out to be a popular game to play at school)
Posted by Hagar 25th June, 2004

Theres no such thing as 4 bit DOS to the best of knowledge. All the 'micro-computers' of the eighties was 8 bit. Anyhow, good game :-D you have persuaded me to write a C DOS based game using ASCII X-D.
Posted by Galaxy613 25th June, 2004

those buttons are NOT 4-Bit! downloading..
Posted by alibaba 25th June, 2004

*sigh* why do people always resort to talking about bits and showing off about their sad knowledge regarding crappy old computers on the game front its brilliant - very nostalgic ;)very difficult on the hard level!!
Posted by Cazra 25th June, 2004

I couldn't get past the Nerve Alley level. Those buttons could be 4-bit. 4-bit basically means no more than 16 colors are use. 2^4=16 :P
Posted by Teapot 25th June, 2004

VRealWare made a pseudo-3d game like this.
Posted by danjo 26th June, 2004

LOL - top gfx, just kidding :P
Posted by cake 26th June, 2004

Lol, I enjoyed reading the description, haha. Good effort; there always comes a time when nostalgia must be relieved
Posted by Kris 26th June, 2004

*sigh* why do people always resort to talking about bits and showing off about their sad knowledge regarding crappy old computers i thought that too... just play the damn game and enjoy it
Posted by alibaba 26th June, 2004

cool - Kris, finally some non geekoids here. U have to be asking questions when 30 people here want to design websites and 92 wana be game programers!!! gona be a lot of people attempting maths degrees soon !!! (very very hard) just enjot the game however many bits it is
Posted by AndyUK 26th June, 2004

geekoids? you dont have to be a geek to know stuff out computers. bits are to do with data and a computer with 8 bit can pass 8 bit at once (if i remeber) they usually refer to the processors speed when talking about bits.
Posted by AndyUK 26th June, 2004

But anyway good game aves. it took me a while to realise pressing up made you go straight again.
Posted by Hagar 27th June, 2004

Shut up Snerlin, you know nothing. I know about "micro computers" becuase i lived through the time they existed! (unlike most on here) Same to Kris, why are people sad for living through a time period?
Posted by FlameCritter 27th June, 2004

I eat microchips.
Posted by Simon Colmer 27th June, 2004

nice, i like the game!!
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 28th June, 2004

Looks stylish
Posted by ChrisB 28th June, 2004

snapple is fruity
Posted by Cazra 29th June, 2004

I don't mean geek offensively. If someone calls me a geek, I actually take it as a compliment.
Posted by Zimtower 30th June, 2004

Man, your game blinds me with the random course generator.This game makes people not wanna put it down.
Posted by MisterBull 30th June, 2004

the cursors are supposed to be invisible... take it most machenes kinda screw that up =P
Posted by Jonny 30th June, 2004

awww at first i found it to hard cause i didnt no that you could go strate forward so i was like zig zagin on the strates lol
Posted by Djfuego 1st July, 2004

I remember coding this on my C64 when I was 14..LOL BASIC...:D





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