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GOTW#97 - Seek and Dread Online
News posted 17th July, 2004 by The Chris Street  
Oooh, GOTW has gotten busy, hasn't it? Anyway, Seek and Dread Online: V1.29 is the winner of GOTW this time - congratulations to Kingson!

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - Little's Haunted Quest, Kaiser Kitty, Fruiteater Kachuka, Scupa Erkki, and Pit Blood.

Eventful Moments Of This Past Week:

  • As you can see, I'm back from my little trip, and very brown. So I have absolutely no idea whats gone on in the last three weeks.
  • Apart from Rikus making an appearance :)
  • And that Circy impersonator who tried to get a few people to give him their DC passwords. Amazing how people stoop so low, they can't be bothered to hack anything now XD

  • Posted by Dr. James MD 17th July, 2004

    i wonder if Jetball will ever get into the poll XD
    Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 17th July, 2004

    Im wooting for littles haunted quest, it deserves it!
    Posted by Flava 17th July, 2004

    GOTW which only lasted 3 days? ;o
    Posted by ChrisB 17th July, 2004

    Circy wasn't here, so how would he know? Apart from the fact that the last GOTW post is halfway down the front page :P (hey, it still would've won)
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 17th July, 2004

    I found this pic of Arnie, that's what made me change my name. Dunno why Cirx changed his.
    Posted by ChrisB 17th July, 2004

    It's a foolish attempt to regain some credibility - but the damage is done, we all know about CIRCLESOFT *cackles*
    Posted by The Chris Street 19th July, 2004

    shut it, Branch XD
    Posted by ChrisB 19th July, 2004

    Yes, and Circy has returned to former nameship as well. (Was he always Sin Binned?)
    Posted by Hamish M 19th July, 2004

    more like TEAM ULTIMATE X
    Posted by The Chris Street 20th July, 2004

    I tried using my real name for a bit, but thought then that more people knew me as Circy. So thats that. Hamish, what are you talking about? You know deep down how Podunkian, Napalmdoom and Texmo form Team Ultimate X XD
    Posted by ChrisB 20th July, 2004

    Yes, their 12-inch high selves join forces to fight the forces of evil
    Posted by Jamesbuc 20th July, 2004

    o_o Phizzy stop it with the genital humour I think Chris was talking about how tall the people are.


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