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New ... Thingy - SAND!!!
News posted 6th August, 2004 by The Chris Street  
Yes, this little thingy is a non-klik application from Kris. However, because it's so cool (and original) I thought I'd add it to the front page. Called SAND!!!, there is no overall objective, but you must create terrain, and then create sand to realistically slide around. It's a piddly download at 14kb! Comments from the Author:
"A fun little timewaster sim that will keep you occupied... "

Click here to download the thingy and read its reviews

Posted by ChrisB 6th August, 2004

Posted by Mitch M 6th August, 2004

Can non klik things still get frontpage like DeliDash?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 7th August, 2004

Yeah, look upwards, something just did.
Posted by Justin 11th August, 2004

no update in 5 days. . .
Posted by awesomeanimator 11th August, 2004

you're right justin... tdc(and the whole click community)sucks quite a large amount of ass.
Posted by GoMoogles 11th August, 2004

It's got to be because Rikus left again...
Posted by vortex2 11th August, 2004

[quote]you're right justin... tdc(and the whole click community)sucks quite a large amount of ass. [/quote] Awesomeanimator, your just jealous because your too stupid to use click products.
Posted by vortex2 11th August, 2004

:( turns out DC doesn't support the quote tag... and I can't edit. Oh well...
Posted by skn3 12th August, 2004

Its summer time, people are on vacation duh :P
Posted by ChrisB 12th August, 2004

By Jove skn, you're right. I never would have thought of that!
Posted by Tigerworks 12th August, 2004

ALL admins are on holiday at once? Did they go for a TDC Admin's week in Hawaii with all the donation money? Damn them!
Posted by skn3 12th August, 2004

haha, they all went to the tdc convention 2004
Posted by Justin 12th August, 2004

Somebody needs to update something. Having that god awful screenshot of sand can not be attracting many new members. Or maybe that's a good thing.
Posted by Kris 12th August, 2004

Yeah, you're right. Maybe they should have this on the front page instead: Work of beauty, isn't it?
Posted by Death Reaper X 12th August, 2004

Justin, how about shush?
Posted by kilboi 13th August, 2004

what the hell is this stupid app doing on dc? its not even a game let alone anything made by a click product. good to see all the admins doing there great job. this place sucks now
Posted by Kris 13th August, 2004

boo hoo. Sorry if I hurt your feelings but TDC went past the 'klik games only stage' quite a while ago
Posted by Rikus 13th August, 2004

I'll have some more looks around in the little spare time that i have and try to update the site then to, i wonder where everyone is:)
Posted by Justin 14th August, 2004

Well first of all that screenshot is pretty damn good. And second of all, you still tried to get the one with the worst graphics. How bout you post the mario one or the Jex game. Oh, but that wouldn't prove your "point".


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