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Author: Kris Submitted: 3rd August, 2004 Favourites:0
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Edited By Kris on 8/11/2004

SAND!! Is now abandonware because I'm moving onto another type of programming and I can't really work on any of my other projects.

If you want the source you can find it here:
(didn't include the images - you can get them from the other zip)

You'll need allegro, which you can get from:


A fun little timewaster sim that will keep you occupied while you wait for your Doom 3 warez to finish

Left click to create sand, and Shift-click to create land (the blue stuff). Use up+down to change the size of the cursor, and right click to delete stuff.

If you don't have alleg40.dll, grab it here and put it in the game folder or your system folder:

** UPDATE!!! **

You can also press C to clear the screen or R to reset (same as clear, but resets the cursor too. Thanks Remnance)


Now comes with yellow, red, green, blue, purple and grey sand. Use A + Z to cycle colours. Enjoy!

** UPDATE 3 **

New version out! this one comes with a bunch of new colours and the ability to add your own. It's a zip this time, because there are some extra images it needs to use.

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!!!.zip (17kb )

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Posted by Kramy 6th August, 2004

Nice job Kris! :) Anything by you I download. :D
Posted by Penguin Seph 6th August, 2004

Could you add a line tool?
Posted by Louis Moon 6th August, 2004

I was suprised when this didn't originally get front-page mention.
Posted by Kris 6th August, 2004

kramy you're my best customer X)
Posted by Odin 6th August, 2004

FireMonkey loves Lost Vikings?! Hey, I have the PC version of the game, I can e-mail it to you! Just DC Mail me. Oh, and great! I love the scenery art you did in that last photograph. RoX. -ThO
Posted by Odin 6th August, 2004

Oh, yeah, I also came up with a little game: SAVE THE SAND What you do is, you create a litle bit of sand at the top. Then, try to 'catch' it and not let it slip down into the bottom. If you don't let any slip, you win! Bonus points are awarded as such; 1. Create an ongoing pile of sand above the 'bucket' you made. 2. When the bonus sand hits the other sand/bucket, count in seconds until the sand spills out. Multiply this number by 100. My high score is 900. ;) -ThO
Posted by vortex2 7th August, 2004

Cool :). Image Hosted by
Posted by J.A.P 7th August, 2004

Very good way to waste time:D!
Posted by Airflow 7th August, 2004

Reminds me of a really old dos puzzle game called h20, where you had to use gurders and explosives to make a path to the water tank. Kinda like lemmings. Kicks! :)
Posted by Wormware 7th August, 2004

Wow, that's really new and original! :D
Posted by Pixalatio 7th August, 2004

you are mad... but i would really like to see a water one ^^ its cool btw...
Posted by Shen 7th August, 2004

Posted by gizmo 7th August, 2004

Posted by Mr Icekirby 7th August, 2004

i don't have some dll. why isn't it in the zip file?
Posted by Sne 7th August, 2004

Posted by Kris 7th August, 2004

icekirby, read the details...
Posted by Mr Icekirby 7th August, 2004

oh, opps, haha
Posted by Yikes 7th August, 2004

Aah! You are speaking my language! I just LOVE this kind of thing and I am actually just waiting for Doom 3 all the time, so this is my kind of thing! Thank you for making me realise that there are things to do when you wait for Doom 3. :D
Posted by Kris 7th August, 2004

Glad to be of service. I know how much it's needed in these grim times
Posted by Jub 7th August, 2004

Hey, why not add little object that can be buried and roll on the sand. Like a beach ball, oh a bigger screen would be nice.
Posted by Odin 7th August, 2004

A resizable screen! The Toolbar would stay at the bottom and would create a blank space along the bottom, so it doesn't look botched. A beach ball would be cool. Oh, and an ability to load a background in .bmp form that streches with the resizeable screen. The cool thing is, the mouse/colors/toolbar are in .bmp form, so anybody can make skins. In fact, i'm working on taking out all the old colors in the old sand program and putting them in my pallette. -ThO
Posted by Strife 7th August, 2004

This application already has 40 thumbs up. It might make top 15 list, even though it's not a game. :P And I don't blame you. This is a very cool application indeed! :D
Posted by xXAaronXx 8th August, 2004

Pretty kewl. Here is the first one i did... --this one is smaller file size--
Posted by Isvaffel- 8th August, 2004

How 'bout thingy with that you could make constant flow of sand coming, all by itself?
Posted by Kris 8th August, 2004

ok that's a pretty popular request. i'll add that now. Resizable screen = No :( for now at least. It has a lot of calculations to do, and a bigger screen would just slow it down exponentially. I'll look for another way to do it
Posted by Kris 8th August, 2004

aaron, that pic is damn good
Posted by Jamesbuc 8th August, 2004

My sand wont sit on the bottom :(
Posted by Zephyr 8th August, 2004

My game doesn't do anything... I just get a black screen.
Posted by Kris 8th August, 2004

jamesbuc: you have to make land at the bottom zephyr: chances are you've got an old allegro DLL. is it version
Posted by Jub 8th August, 2004

Water....add water. I bet you can get a "real" effect of running water! Sand is like water in a way. You should make a water program like this.
Posted by Jub 8th August, 2004

Ohh what about a person. You have him walking on the sand. and when the sand falls he get buried!
Posted by Zephyr 8th August, 2004

Yeah, I have the dll...
Posted by Long John Kickbag 8th August, 2004

Connect 4 :D!
Posted by Radek Dziadkiewicz 8th August, 2004

Nice, but a more feature rich thing like this has been made quite a while ago, but unfortunately it was released in Polish only. Besides things found here, it features multi-color water, holes through which the sand or water dissapears, a bucket and posibility to make water or sand fall like rain.
Posted by xXAaronXx 8th August, 2004

Thanks kris, i dont really like it...but I just did it quick. maybe ill do another one later.
Posted by Alltower 9th August, 2004

this needs a bigger window size!
Posted by Odin 9th August, 2004

Posted by Liquixcat 11th August, 2004

mmm...doom 3
Posted by Odin 11th August, 2004

DOOM 3 SUCKS because I don't have it... And it's abandonware. Wahh. Oh, well. I should pick it up and add more stuff. -ThO
Posted by Strife 12th August, 2004

Nice pic Eric C. :) If this application gets 72 thumbs up, it'll knock Castlevania Haunted Castle 3 off the Top Games list. :P Sand... so much sand...
Posted by Kris 12th August, 2004

I doubt it, but maybe
Posted by Zephyr 12th August, 2004

Cool, I can play that polish one, very fun.
Posted by 12th August, 2004

This program is amazing. I think this is more than just a time waster, its more of a creativity tool. I just spent half the day messing with it instead of working. I thought of a few features. A clear sand only command Ability to export/import dirt maps Definately a constant sand flow option Maximize option (you said it would take a lot of resources being a bigger map so this may be a better alternative) personally i was using a magnifying glass program on it haha. Ability to flip map. Think of pressing an arrow key and the map flips upsidown or sideways. Guess thats about it. I really hope you dont abandon this, its more than a time waster.
Posted by Evil Monkey 13th August, 2004

This is pretty cool, even if it is a time waster. :P
Posted by Bruce Juice 13th August, 2004

AHHHHHHH. Another Adiction. Must Stop Playing.
Posted by Strife 15th August, 2004

Oh, and you should be able to save your sand creation in the form of a Bitmap file, without having to use the Print Screen button. ;) This "little time waster" has so much potential... :)
Posted by akim 15th August, 2004

Posted by Strife 16th August, 2004

You're not a stalker, are you? LOL, only joking. :)
Posted by Dream Weaver 17th August, 2004

Great little game. Fun and addictive. :)
Posted by Zimtower 19th August, 2004

I know the doom 3 torrent and it is only fir me.





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