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GOTW #105 -
News posted 9th October, 2004 by The Chris Street  
"Nam", created by Claudio-Italy and his group, has won GOTW this time. Congratulations! PS: No "Eventful moments" this week because I wasn't about ;)

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - SpaceS****ters Arena, Exotic Armada, and Watch314 Mk II. Yes, that's it. Helps if you bother to submit some games, you miserable specimens ;)

Posted by Knudde (Shab) 9th October, 2004

"you miserable scrotums ;)" Wow, such anger, and I though vacations were supposed to be relaxing.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 9th October, 2004

Isn't it "scrota"?
Posted by Joe.H 9th October, 2004

he wasn't on vacation, he was having cosmetic surgery
Posted by Radix 9th October, 2004

He had a problem with his scrotum?
Posted by Jack Galilee 9th October, 2004

I think its a good thing there arent so many games, means less crap
Posted by Radix 9th October, 2004

Why can he say scrotum on the front page and I can't say bastard? Circy does it on all fours.
Posted by Tigerworks 10th October, 2004

You know, Klikme2 had to work hard to ensure "family content" so Clickteam would link to them.
Posted by The Chris Street 10th October, 2004

Ya, ya. Fair enough. I changed it to "specimens". I really felt ill last night. Thats my excuse, anyway ;)
Posted by Muggus 10th October, 2004

Was it a scrotum related illness?
Posted by Radix 10th October, 2004

His scrotum was miserable.
Posted by Stian B. 10th October, 2004

Crom !
Posted by Jamesbuc 10th October, 2004

wheres the events of the week? was it a boring week?
Posted by Radix 10th October, 2004

That dumb bastard PMed me asking for my email, so I sent him my GMail addy. Then he replied with this: that adres dont work for msn or is that not a msn adres
Posted by Jamesbuc 11th October, 2004

lol. :)
Posted by akim 11th October, 2004

this game sux! why the hell u have to fight the same guy all the time? when u kill him 10 times my comeputer goes slow! is this his revenge?!?!?!?!?!?
Posted by Radix 11th October, 2004

Swallow your keyboard.
Posted by Klikmaster 11th October, 2004

I tried that before and it didn't work
Posted by Zimtower 11th October, 2004

Phizzy is insulting me.:P, thats how i got other members banned. And the dc mail wasnt a threat it was why i dont like being insulted.
Posted by Radix 11th October, 2004

"That's how I got other members banned" sounds like a direct threat to me.
Posted by Zimtower 11th October, 2004

TDC members, this is between me, radix and phizzy, they have never been nice to me.
Posted by Pkeod 11th October, 2004

Duh, that's because they don't give a meow about you. Radix & Phizzy say "heartless" yet emotionally and hormonally driven things to me all the time :)
Posted by Radix 12th October, 2004

I want you so badly. Touch me, pkeod.
Posted by Zimtower 12th October, 2004

Posted by Royhps 12th October, 2004

i dont getted banned or something that is fake but radix i nomrllay ask it nicely for msn so dont act so strange on it
Posted by Jamesbuc 12th October, 2004

and i normally spell normally correctly. :P
Posted by Jamesbuc 13th October, 2004

:P :P :P :P :P :P :P Ok.
Posted by Muggus 14th October, 2004

Foreign? How can anyone online be foreign!?


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