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Community News: New Book about TGF 2!!
News posted 9th April, 2005 by Rikus  

We have some great community news folks. Jason Darby from clickteam is going to release a new book about TGF 2 in september, yes that's not a typo i did say TFGF !2! The book will cover everything from Side-Scrolling to Retro games that you can make with TGF 2, the book will also be accompanied by a demo version of TGF 2. Woohoo:)

While clickteam is saying that this not mean TGF 2 will be released in September but this does mean we can expect a demo in that timeframe, Wooohoo:) Jason Darby has been writing articles in various magazines and this is the logical next step for him. Also he was kind enough to put a link to the daily click in his book. Yay!

The whole Dc-Staff whish him the best of luck and if you want to suppor the book and buy it, then head over to where the book is for sale. In my opinion the more publicity for clickteam the better. I hope both the book and TGF 2 will do great.

Posted by Eight Bit Battle Cat 9th April, 2005

i dunno if i'm being daft but what's TFGF2 ? "The Freakin' Games Factory 2" ?
Posted by Rikus 9th April, 2005

Erg, lol sorry folks been typing the timeline all week still have tfgf in my head, but yea of course its "TGF" lol,:)
Posted by Jack Galilee 9th April, 2005

wait im woried now I was hoping for a MMF2 rather than a TGF2 is TGF2 going to have the same power as TGF 1 but slightly updated or is it going to have all the power of MMF and more :S I'm worried now
Posted by ChrisB 9th April, 2005

If you've read any of the notes about MMF2 you'd know that there is likely to be a 'lite' version that has no third-party extension support (just like the original TGF). It would have all the other features of MMF2 though (frame layers etc).
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 9th April, 2005

The full title is Multimedia Fusion 2: The Games Factory, last time I heard anyway. Same thing, basically, just the difference between MMF Pro and Standard, I'm pretty sure anyway.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 9th April, 2005

or you can read Chris's post and ignore me.
Posted by ChrisB 9th April, 2005

That's not fair, you get to plug your website in every other news post. If I did that it would be called spamming :cry:
Posted by ChrisB 9th April, 2005

ar, what's that smiley again? {cry}
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 9th April, 2005

@Jon - A while ago @Chris - Well, at least your page HAS some use.
Posted by X_Sheep 10th April, 2005

Free Games factory 2! {celebrate}
Posted by Phredreeke 10th April, 2005

Original TGF had extension support. KNP didn't though.
Posted by Kris 10th April, 2005

Actually it didn't, you needed a patch :P the "original" (1.04) only had one plugin, the plugin plugin!
Posted by ChrisB 10th April, 2005

I'm talking about 1.00 here. Back in 1995, Vitalize didn't even exist!
Posted by Kris 10th April, 2005

They actually released 1.00? Couldn't begin to imagine how buggy that would've been :S
Posted by Joshua M. 10th April, 2005

TGF 1.00? I have that one somewhere here. It's really oldish XD
Posted by hishnak 10th April, 2005

Okay, let me get this strait...there's MMF2 coming out and TGF2 coming out? That sounds kinda wierd...
Posted by Tiles 10th April, 2005

TGF2 is part of MMF 2 product line . That was the last information i have . MMF 2 will come in three flavours : MMF2 - The Games Factory 2 MMF2 - standard MMF2 - professional
Posted by Phredreeke 10th April, 2005

Why make a new product that's already inferior to their old one? People already having TGF will be cheated if they buy this, they'll gain new features, but lose old ones (extensions) It would make sense to me if TGF2 is "regular" MMF2 but with TGF sales policy. That is you can't sell your games.
Posted by Andi Smith 10th April, 2005

It's funny... I actually got a lot of people calling TGF TFGF at one point :) I'm such a spelling trickster.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 10th April, 2005

Man, you guys are way off. TGF 2 is the same thing as MMF2. How would this be inferior to MMF? Someone please explain that logic for me. So it can't use extension, I never use them anyway, and the program is plenty powerful enough without them.
Posted by axel 10th April, 2005

i'll have the MMF2 proffesional 8) still counting days 'til the release... :(
Posted by Phredreeke 10th April, 2005

MMF: Can use extensions TGF2: Can't Cutting a feature carried by a previous version doesn't make sense.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 10th April, 2005

it does when it's cheap. I'm figuring 100 bucks max for TGF2. While the other versions will probably be around the 200-300 mark. It's just cut out cause it's the cheaper version. Which makes perfect sense, also understand that this has nothing to do with the power of MMF2 (TGF2). It just means that if you have TGF2, you have to do some extra work instead of using extensions for everything.
Posted by Destroyer (CrobaSoft) 10th April, 2005

MMF has always, only been as powerful as it's predecessor, so TGF2 sounds almost useless to me.
Posted by ChrisB 10th April, 2005

It may be useless to you, but if it gets into retail where there are lots of people who have never used MMF they won't know any different. It doesn't become useless then. It's also going to be significantly cheaper than the Standard version (1/2 price? pricing hasn't been decided) And how do you know if it will be useless? You don't even know what built-in features & objects it has. If it had most of the Bonus Pack objects and many of the most frequently-used extensions I doubt you would find it much different.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 10th April, 2005

hmm, does that mean a tidal wave of newbs are on the way. This should be interesting.
Posted by Jimbob 10th April, 2005

Well you've got at least 6 months to build a barricade.
Posted by ChrisB 10th April, 2005

DC has survived long enough without needing barricades :P
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 10th April, 2005

that's cause we have human waves of admins and editors
Posted by Assault Andy 10th April, 2005

That could make an interesting game.
Posted by Phredreeke 11th April, 2005

Look here. See if you have TGF or MMF, then buy TGF2, and can't use extensions anymore, which you could in the otherwise inferior TGF and MMF, wouldn't you feel cheated?
Posted by hishnak 11th April, 2005

A bit, but if the extensions are already built into TGF2 then I wouldn't feel cheated. What if all the extension features are already built into the program?
Posted by Herb 11th April, 2005

Posted by ChrisB 11th April, 2005

Phredreeke: Then buy MMF2 instead. What's so hard about that :P
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 11th April, 2005

Phizzy: Most of the extentions just do standard stuff that can be done through API by calling the windows DLLS, so it isnt really property of the extention creator either, its property of Microsoft.
Posted by Phredreeke 11th April, 2005

I'm just saying it doesn't make sense. There's no question that TGF is a step up from KNP, and MMF is a step up from TGF. But upgrading from TGF to TGF2 means you'll give up your ability to use extensions. I feel Shab is trivializing the use of extensions. They're not a "get out of jail free" card. Coding with extensions can be just as difficult as without. The difference is the extensions bring out abilities not present in the "out of the kit" configuration. Take mode 7 for an example, I'd like to see any of you make a mode 7 effect in MMF without extensions. But who cares? TGF2 has Mode 7 built in (I don't know, but assume so, but if not then another argument against extensionless TGF2), you might say. Yeah, well, but would you give up the next Mode 7 for that?
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 11th April, 2005

Phredreeke - I accept that challenge, I'll do it in TGF. I'm not trivializing extensions, but the fact that there are three different version of MMF2 makes me wonder about your argument, if you want to use extensions that badly, then buy MMF2 pro or standard. Here's another queston, will MMF extensions work with MMF2?
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 11th April, 2005

"will MMF extensions work with MMF2?" from what ive heard the extension makers will have to add a line or two of code to make them compaitable with MMF2.
Posted by Assault Andy 12th April, 2005

MMF extensions would probabley have to work with MMF2. Otherwise, how will you open older ccas' created with MMF1? By the way, does anybody have an official release date besides this winter/spring/autumn crap?
Posted by Chris Burrows 12th April, 2005

hmmmmmmm should i buy that book and then demo for some rediculus price? when the demo is probaly free and the book will be nothing. or just buy TGF2 HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and about that extensions thing yeah that is so stupid. i love extensions. and i swear that is the biggest rumour ever because all TGF2 is is just MMF2 but you can't sell games!
Posted by MakeGames 12th April, 2005

Yeah i have to admit the price it is at the moment works out at 13.18, i mean thats rediculous a 350 page book for that price, how can anyone charge that much.... LOL - You must be joking, or there is no hope for the book :D ps damm user name cannot get me old account back!!
Posted by vortex2 12th April, 2005

Hey Mike if that is the case then no software really belongs to anyone. I think I will sell some cds with your software in it becuase it doesn't really belong to you ;).
Posted by ChrisB 12th April, 2005

Oh, but it doesn't belong to you either! Then you'd be a pirate too. SOLUTION: GPL
Posted by vortex2 12th April, 2005

But FireMonkey... I OWN STOCKS IN MICROSOFT! XD had to do it.
Posted by ChrisB 12th April, 2005

Posted by Teapot 14th April, 2005

If TGF 2 can't use extensions, would that include Irrlicht? It's being built in to MMF2 I think...
Posted by colej_uk 14th April, 2005

If they built enough present extention features into TGF2 then lack of 3rd party support wouldn't really bother me too much...
Posted by Justin 14th April, 2005

I heard that it's going to be able to make 3D GAMES AND YOU CAN EVEN make sprites and it will TURN THEM INTO MODELS!!!
Posted by 卍 chicken14528 卍 15th April, 2005

turn... sprites.... into 3d models.... riiiiight
Posted by Hauptmann_086 17th April, 2005

I hate registering. :( It's REALLY expensive when you change Dollars to Philippine pesos. :((
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 17th April, 2005

I just paid for mine by reading some email (ok so it took a couple weeks) but hey, if someone is going to play me to "read" spam, I'm all for it.


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