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GOTW#237 - Tempest City
News posted 9th June, 2007 by Knudde (Shab)  
The zombie filled Tempest City (16 Votes) claws it's way to the win for this cycle of GOTW. Monsterpark (8 Votes) barely overtakes Future Pong (7 Votes) in the race for 2nd. Sideburner (5 Votes) rounds out the GOTW. Congrats to Spybreak for the win.

Click here to download the GOTW.

We have another week with 4 possible choices for GOTW (including 1 app), how about we try to get that up to 5 for next week?

Fret Nice, Ball Control, Affliction, and The Imagination Works Desktop.

Good luck to everyone in the poll!

Posted by Del Duio 9th June, 2007

Second verse, same as the first!
Posted by Joe.H 9th June, 2007

Posted by BROO 9th June, 2007

Posted by Phredreeke 9th June, 2007

double newspost lol
Posted by waffleton 11th June, 2007

Stop voting for Fret Nice if you havent even played it
Posted by Joe.H 11th June, 2007

Posted by 12th June, 2007

Well I've played it and it DEFINITELY deserves massive win.
Posted by waffleton 12th June, 2007

Yeah, but i doubt 12 people have that guitar controller thing, so why the heck are people voting for it if they havent played it?
Posted by ncsoftware 25th June, 2007



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