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Winner and New Game Of The Week Award
News posted 29th May, 2002 by Rikus  

Drummroll... YES Brainless is the winner of this weeks Game Of The Week Award! This game made by Pioupiou got many good reviews and users comments and is now finally chosen to be game of the week. And this version is just a demo. If you have not tried out the demo you can get it right here. Moving right a long is our new Game Of The Week Award. This week you can choose between the following games: Star Legend    Frozen In Time     Minigame madness     Kickfighter:Way of the Fist (demo)     Ballz!     Air Pop Neo

Posted by Rikus 29th May, 2002

The poll will be actived within the next 5 hours. So relax and while you wait why not download any of the games.
Posted by Joshtek 29th May, 2002

Ill get them all, DSL w00t - you should do a bundle to get every game in one dir in one zip (no installers) :)
Posted by Max 29th May, 2002

Yay, Brainless won!! :)
Posted by zork25 29th May, 2002

Where can i download the rest of the past poll games?
Posted by zork25 29th May, 2002

Yea, brainless RULES! That game is one of the bets EVAR!!!!
Posted by zork25 29th May, 2002

I mean best! :(
Posted by Rikus 29th May, 2002

Serchul, go to archives and find the last gotw news post.
Posted by Rikus 29th May, 2002

It should be there
Posted by Rikus 29th May, 2002

Oh wait i know what you mean, currently the gotw page is down but it should be back again next week.
Posted by ben_02 29th May, 2002

I'm glad Brainless one, it deserved it.
Posted by jast 30th May, 2002

Yeah, congratz a Pioupiou - the man with 2 consonants and 6 vowels ;) . Definitely one of the best Metal Slug clones I've played so far.
Posted by Pioupiou 1st June, 2002

Yeah ! Thanks all for your support ! Woaw ;) ! Stay tuned for next version (maybe at the end of summer..;)) Thanks again and see ya !!!!!


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