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Noitu Love 2 coming to WiiWare
News posted 12th April, 2010 by OMC  
While browsinatin' the rounds this morning, I came across an interesting little tidbit. France-based Golgoth Studio is working with Konjak to bring Noitu Love 2 to WiiWare.

Says IndieGames Blog: "In a surprise announcement posted by Golgoth Studios today, the development team that is currently working on a remake of Toki and Joe & Mac had stated that they will be bringing Joakim Sandberg's Noitu Love 2 to the Wiiware service later this year. No details yet on the pricing or whether it will be a straight port, but fans can definitely expect to hear more about this collaboration from both parties in the coming weeks."

Click here to (re)read the IndieGames Blog post
Click here to download the Noitu Love 2 Demo

Posted by Kamukoira 12th April, 2010

Wow, amazing! Noitu Love 2 is a jawdropping mindblowing game and when ever it hits the Wiiware, I definitely pick it up.
Posted by Hayo 12th April, 2010

Awesome, he really deserves this.
Posted by Ski 12th April, 2010

Finally someone who puts effort in gets recognised. I was begginging to think we'd all have to start making KNYTT clones and lower the standards or something.
Posted by Fanotherpg 12th April, 2010

Next reason to make native console exporter
Posted by Codemonkey 12th April, 2010

This is quite the good idea!
Posted by Strife 12th April, 2010

NL2 has the perfect kind of control scheme for the Wiimote too! It'll definitely be interesting to see how it ports over.
Posted by Scott S 12th April, 2010

Nice find OMC. Totally stoked for this.
Posted by nim 12th April, 2010

Does Golgoth Studio have anything to do with Nicalis? I sure hope not. Congratulations Konjak! I'll be re-buying this for Wii.
Posted by GamesterXIII 12th April, 2010

LMAO, Adam. You and I think somewhat alike .

Great job, Konjak.

He really deserves this.

Posted by Xhunterko 12th April, 2010

And what pray tell is wrong with nicalis?

Otherwise, darn, the admins beat me to it.

Awesome job man!
Posted by CYS 12th April, 2010

Noitu Love 2's one of the best klik games ive played yet. Great news!
Posted by Hernan 12th April, 2010

Amazing! Congrats to Konjak!
Posted by Vertigo 12th April, 2010

Posted by Fanotherpg 12th April, 2010

Still worth buying PC version.
Posted by TheoX 13th April, 2010

xhunterko - nicalis has the worst customer reception ever. If you scramble through some old NiffForum posts you can find more about that.

Anyway, I'm excited for this even though I don't have a Wii. Go Konjak!
Posted by alastair john jack 13th April, 2010

I'm glad he'll be getting more money for his work.
Posted by MasterM 25th April, 2010

can i still torrent it once its on wii
lol j/k
congrats i guess. very innovative game play


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