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Going back to the article: Is making games still fun?
News posted 14th October, 2010 by Rikus  
Something different today, I hope everyone will join us into the following discussion ....Back in 2002, one article was written that stirred up some feathers. Is making games still fun? Does anyone remember just toying around in k&p being in shock that you could just make a guy move from 1 side of the screen to the other within seconds?

The question was then as it is now, while everyone is off making these huge projects, are you still having fun in the process?

Would it not be nice to just make a tiny little game that took you a day, week or a month to make? Or do you prefer working on these huge projects? Is the indie gaming audience demanding to much now? Share your views, and take a look at

this article that also has a lot of really well written replies and comments to it.

Posted by UrbanMonk 14th October, 2010

Actually I'd say we've come full circle.

I've seen people complaining about not having those "companies" around anymore.

I'd say the flash exporter is encouraging more simple games since the audience is larger.

I still try to create epic projects though, and I'd have to say that it is still very fun. More fun than it has ever been infact.

I love seeing how far MMF2 can go, and with these new extensions coming out, why not!!

Integrated Path Planning

K&P didn't have enough objects, or variables to make anything complex. Not even loops, (although I manged to "simulate" them by coping a action and using a counter)

The max complexity is proportional to the ability of the program.

Sure people could pull off some cool stuff with K&P (like "fake" scrolling, making multiple "fake" players to add global values), but the complexity was still limited.

I say a knp contest is in order!
Posted by OMC 14th October, 2010

Making fun games and making games that will impress people are the same goal for me, and making fun games is what makes making games fun.
Posted by Rikus 14th October, 2010

I love the picture in the news post btw! Anyone remember those graphics?
Posted by alessandroLino 14th October, 2010

Actually, i only work on games for fun, as im having very little time to do it, i'll probably never finish a decent one, but still, it's fun to see your creation evolving into something
Posted by Rikus 14th October, 2010

Well that is good to hear! I am glad everyone is still having fun, even if it is a big project! Nice!
Posted by Dave C 14th October, 2010

oh how i miss my low standards.. i remember using one of the built in KNP platformer sprites.. the guy with like a red jumper and white pants.. so terrible.
Posted by MJK 14th October, 2010

I make small games quite often. In fact, I made this one game in 3 hours only (from scratch to final release) and yet it's the most popular one of my flash games with something like 650K gameplays.

I'm enjoying small and bigger projects alike, but still the most enjoyable part in game making for me is to get the game released. That's always rewarding, especially with bigger projects. Sure, the process of polishing up the games can get quite frustrating from time to time.. standards are higher nowadays.

Btw, I remember those gfx
Posted by Rikus 14th October, 2010

I used to love that Romeo sprite that was in the knp library
Posted by OMC 14th October, 2010

Invisible man for me.

"Why does he keep falling through the floor?!"

It wasn't until some time later that I figured out I had to actually program him to stop. Ah, KNP days.
Posted by Marko 14th October, 2010

lol at the above - i remember that too!
Posted by WillWill 15th October, 2010

I remember cheating on the slot-machine game.
Posted by 3kliksphilip 15th October, 2010

Cheating? How?!?!?!

I remember my 8 year old sister playing that game for hours. Great game.
Posted by WillWill 15th October, 2010

I changed the events.

I was too young to actually know how knp really worked, I just played with the animations.


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