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News posted 9th April, 2012 by The Chris Street  
Happy Easter! Hope you all had an eggsciting and indulgent time :D

After a few days of inactivity at TDC I figured it would about time to create a news summary of what's been going on lately. Some of the news may be a little old. So here we go:

  • Jay Tholen, formerly known as Simdrone, created a Facebook group a few weeks ago, rekindling lost memories from times gone by. K&P - The Golden Decade (1994-2004) has grown quite quickly into a 187 member group (at the time of writing) where old members of the community such as Zenith and Nash have resurfaced. Lots of activity going on here, including image postings of various Klik and Play CD sleeves, and also...

  • Jesse Bull (known as Riko) is currently producing a mass archive of all the old classic klik games. Called KlikArchive there are currently only a few games, but it is possible to sort through them via name, date and author. In time this site should be expanded with more exciting additions!

  • Francois has started a blog at the Clickteam forums. In the posting, he details events at GDC but also reveals that Sony are releasing an SDK for PS Vita - which means that without too many modifications to code, Clickteam will release an exporter for the Vita!

  • Posted by Pixelthief 9th April, 2012

    Oh sweet, so I can talk about the whole Sony/Vita thing now without jumping any guns. Yeah, the Sony guys visited us at the booth at GDC, hopefully something comes out of it, since it would be a great market to tap- theres no other accessible homebrew platform for the Vita even on the horizon afaik.
    Posted by GamesterXIII 9th April, 2012

    WOW is all I can say with the Vita.
    Posted by Kevin Smets 12th April, 2012

    The facebook group thing sounds great for us old timers... I did a search and could not find it, however?
    Posted by danjo 12th April, 2012

    kevin - here;


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