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News posted 23rd August, 2020 by Joshtek  

Unfortunately the last Game of the Month poll didn't work because not everybody could vote so please vote again using the poll facility. The games are the same as listed here. Sorry for this irregularity.

The answer to the question "What is your favourite modern gaming console?" was the Nintendo Switch which got 15 votes (compared to 4 for the PS4 and 3 for the Xbox One)

Games from July (will be subject of next GOTM poll):

Games from August (so far):

  • Fishhead: Blueprint - Demo, a platformer game by Hayo: "Help Fishhead retrieve the stolen blueprint in a new colourful platformer!"
  • DDAY WARS, an action game by James Luke: "Soldiers triumph war battle fight kill murder dearth"
  • Capsule Savior, a platformer game by Guerra: "Collect pills and try to survive in this strange platform game"
  • Area 51 Weeb Defense 1.11], a tower defence game by Ghost Data Media: "They announced when they were arriving...That was their greatest mistake!"

In other news, Kliktopia now has 1,691 entries and if you go to the details page for a game on Kliktopia it now links through to the related game entries by the same author at The Daily Click. Let us know if any links are missing and if you have old games to archive then try out the Kliktopia Uploader tool.

Posted by Ghost Data Media 23rd August, 2020

I'm glad to see the Kliktopia archive is going so well.
I'm going to give all the other games posted here a try today!


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