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Author: James Luke Submitted: 15th August, 2020 Favourites:0
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this isnt soldier men!! please stop asking!!!!
dday wars is a game that my friend made 10 years ago and he never did anythbinng with so i asked him for helpo with my games and he said no i wont help you but u can have an old game of mine and i said yes ok thank you and made a level with it. it is a 4 player game just like soldier men so i gess u could call it soldier men 3??? butr it isnt because thats still in the works but its TOP SECRTET!

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Posted by Joshtek 11th November, 2020

This game was falsely flagged by Windows Defender as being malware so I submitted a report to Microsoft via and they have now confirmed that they "have removed the detection" in the latest definition.
Posted by James Luke 21st November, 2020

thanks joshtek!!! now my virus can spred to every one hahahaha just koking i wouldnt do that its not really a virus :
Posted by KlikUnreal 19th December, 2020

This may seen weird, but I'm always scared to open a Klik game because that one time I played bat spam....
Posted by Jankoleti 23rd December, 2020

Its really cool! I only wish it was longer or had more missions
Posted by Andy O Reilly 14th June, 2021
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I didnt have anyone else to play this game with but it was still incredibly fun nonetheless. The game wasnt too difficult but wasnt a cakewalk that you could just turn your brain onto autopilot mode to complete.
Posted by Tomssuli 23rd August, 2021
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Nice game with checpoints and all ...a bit short though and there could be more reinforcements when you destroy the cannons.

Would gladly play more of this if there was more missions and secondary weapons, such as time bombs, grenades rockets etc.





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