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How Time Trial By Fire will be judged
News posted 21st August, 2021 by Joshtek  

How theTime Trial by Fire competition will be judged:

  • Judges will provide a review of each game and rank them from best to worst.
  • The ranking will take into account gameplay, creativity and use of the theme.
  • The game with the highest ranking will be the winner.
  • If games are exceptional in specific areas then additional prizes will be awarded ('best graphics', etc.)

Posted by Jankoleti 22nd August, 2021

Dear judges, my cat ate my game so i had to make a second one which is worse
Posted by Joshtek 22nd August, 2021

Bad kitty!
Posted by yma 22nd August, 2021

im slow at making this game, or im lazy
Posted by BigAl0104 24th August, 2021

I might just take one of my games which has a time trial mode already, and just add fire to it. Not sure if we're allowed to do that, but if not, I totally understand
Comment edited by BigAl0104 on 24/08/2021
Posted by yma 24th August, 2021

my tgftetris game has a time trail, just add fire i guess
Posted by Joshtek 25th August, 2021

You can just add fire to an existing game but its ranking will take that into account so if you want to win your best bet is to come up with something original.
Posted by yma 25th August, 2021

im not adding fire to an existing game
Posted by BigAl0104 25th August, 2021

I might just go with just adding fire to an existing game of mine since I don't have the time to make something original in such a short period of time. On top of that, I'm working on something else. I really don't care if I win or not to be honest, or I might even not be able to participate if I don't get to it on time.
Comment edited by BigAl0104 on 25/08/2021
Posted by yma 29th August, 2021

almost done
Posted by yma 29th August, 2021

aaaaaaaaand then i submitted
Posted by Yai7 30th August, 2021

I would like to join the orange cat and compete with my own great creation: "Viva La Marshmallow"!
Posted by yma 1st September, 2021

i wanted my game to include profanity, violence and nudity but since this platform and the rest of the internet is very pc these days it didnt, im looking for the results tho, the game is called "ball thing"..btw your game looks fantastic Yai7
Comment edited by yma on 02/09/2021
Posted by Yai7 1st September, 2021

Thank you, orange cat "yma"! It was also fun to make!
Posted by yma 2nd September, 2021

no problem Yai7, i also uploaded my game on kliktopia and i saw they updated the website yesterday and they did not include my game, sup with that
Comment edited by yma on 02/09/2021
Posted by AndyUK 3rd September, 2021

I might have to just release a wonky unfinished version of the game just before the deadline since ive been slacking
Posted by Joshtek 3rd September, 2021

That then gives you a chance to release a deluxe edition later.
Posted by BigAl0104 3rd September, 2021

I've submitted my entry!
Posted by Joshtek 3rd September, 2021

That's great BigAl0104. I'm looking forward to playing all of the entries!
Posted by AndyUK 3rd September, 2021

I'm attempting to submit an entry but TDC wont accept my DropBox URL

Just so you know it's done but going to be very slightly late
Comment edited by AndyUK on 03/09/2021
Posted by 3kliksphilip 4th September, 2021

Could be the 'https VS http' issue. I had it too
Posted by MrPineapple 4th September, 2021

boo-urns. i didnt enter but scored this entry. so i have a horse in this http/https race
Comment edited by MrPineapple on 04/09/2021
Posted by AndyUK 4th September, 2021

Yeah Piney made the music for Tom Artow's Escape
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 9th September, 2021

Hi Guys!
Posted by Joshtek 9th September, 2021

Hi Dr. Shab!


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