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Christmas collaboration
News posted 3rd December, 2021 by Joshtek  

Rather than a Christmas competition, we're going to be getting into the festive spirit by promoting Christmas cooperation in a few ways:

  1. Projects - Post your Christmas and non-Christmas Click game projects on The Daily Click and provide constructive feedback on other projects and provide constructive feedback and support for existing projects (including testing game demos and betas).
  2. Ideas - Share any ideas for fun Christmas games that you are happy for others to use.
  3. Tags - Everyone who posts a festive Click game they've made to The Daily Click before Christmas will get special tag.

Here are the most recently updated projects:

  • Knight's Quest RPG by BigAl0104. Embark on an epic journey to rescue Princess Amelia from the evil Karlov!
  • Project Zi by vSv. A platformer adventure with 90's influences.

Posted by yma 3rd December, 2021

maybe i make a x mas game
Posted by Mustafa- 3rd December, 2021

It's that time of the year again!
honestly my favorite lol.. until I realize my exams are in 4 weeks...
Posted by BigAl0104 5th December, 2021


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