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Happy new year... and 20th birthday DC 2!
News posted 1st January, 2022 by Joshtek  

Happy new year and welcome to 2022... and happy 20th anniversary to this iteration of The Daily Click!

That's right, if you head to this news page you will see the inaugural post of the 'new Daily Click' from Rikus Kras back on the 1st of January 2002. I became member #142 the following day on the 2nd of January, and since then we've had hundreds of members, games, competitions, forum posts and news articles.

Read more about this event and more on The Daily Click's Timeline which covers the period of 1994 to 2008 and feel free to share any of your own memories (and story of how you found this site) in the comments section!

Posted by BigAl0104 1st January, 2022

Happy New Year, and happy b-day TDC!!!
Posted by MonadoBoy64 1st January, 2022

Happy New Year and Happy 20th Birthday Daily Click! I really like The Daily Click Timeline, it would be really cool if it was updated to present day.
Posted by The MPP 2nd January, 2022

I'm one day late.. I guess I can't say Happy New Year and Happy b-day TDC..
But I can say this; Happy 20th klik aniversary, Josh!
Posted by Joshtek 2nd January, 2022

MonadoBoy64: Updating the Click Timeline is a good ideal - I'll have a go and see what I can come up with. Let me know if there's anything you think ought to be included.

The MPP: You're not really late - we can celebrate the anniversary all month/year if we want to, and depending on the timezone you are arguably on the day of public launch.
Posted by yma 2nd January, 2022

there are nothing after 2008, man
Posted by Joshtek 2nd January, 2022

Fun fact: The first game submitted to The Daily Click was Battlepit by Darkjune, uploaded on the 2nd of June 2002. As per "Battle Pit is a fun 1-2 Player VS. shoote em' up. It includes 5 playable characters and a tournament mode."

While the original link no longer works, it is still available from Kliktopia:
Posted by MonadoBoy64 3rd January, 2022

Joshtek: Sweet, looking forward to it!
Posted by therickman 4th January, 2022

Happy New year !

Posted by Joshtek 4th January, 2022

MonadoBoy64: I've looked into updating the Click timeline and have come to the conclusion that it would take me a fair while to do it on my own. I'll probably get to it eventually, but volunteers to help out would definitely be welcome!
Posted by MonadoBoy64 4th January, 2022

Joshtek: Okay, no worries.
Posted by UrbanMonk 5th January, 2022

Happy birthday TDC!
Posted by AndyUK 8th January, 2022

That must have been around the time I joined TDC
Comment edited by AndyUK on 08/01/2022
Posted by Buster 15th February, 2022

I signed up 20 years ago. Wow. Happy Birthday TDC.


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