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New games: Enter the Black, Flan Atrapa Bolas and Juan's Quest
News posted 24th November, 2023 by Joshtek  

First, the news:

  1. I've now made my submission to join the TDC 'Secret' Santa Gift Exchange. Make yours by 1st December to take part!
  2. A number of the recently released Click Halloween games have had bug fix or weak releases. If you downloaded version 1.0, it is worth checking for the latest version.
  3. I've made a post on the TDC forums explaining The Daily Click's points and ranks system.
  4. It's Black Friday, and that means all our freeware titles are 50% off!

An now some games for your enjoyment...

Enter the Black by Tomssuli and†BlackEnter Software

Horror game where lights flicker every ten seconds. Tomsulli also made other games like†Volatile Witchcraft that I really enjoyed, so please check it out... if you dare!

Comments from the Author: "You were exploring an abandoned hospital when due to your carelessness you became trapped. There is an emergency backup generator that can open the electrically locked doors but it hasnít been maintained for years. Lights will flicker on and off every 10 seconds due to the unreliable grid connection. Be aware, there are things that lurk in the darkness. You have to find tools and equipment needed to fix the generator in order to open the doors and escape the hospital."

Click here to download Enter the Black and read its comments

Flan Atrapa Bolas by LucchettiFan

This is a RPG fangame of The Legacy of Flan that you can play in your browser. This is the author's first game!

Comments from the Author: "You have to grab flavor drops and a gun chase you and if it shoots you, you lose.†This is my first game and I do this in one day with a youtube tutorial and with the free edition of clickteam, so don't hope much of this, but it doesn't will be my unique game. So i hope you enjoy it."

Click here to play Flan Atrapa Bolas in the browser and read its comments

Juan's Quest (Spanish demo) by LucchettiFan

Platformer RPG. From the now familiar author of†Flan Atrapa Bolas :)

Comments from the Author: "You are Juan and you need to rescue the king of a bad ogres that have kidnnaped him. This is the demo and is in spanish. In the future i will do a version in English, I promise. The full game will be release after christmas because Clickteam 2.5 Developer will be my chistmas gift. But i hope you enjoy the demo!"

Note: To play the game you will need to download the game, rename it .mfa, and open it in Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

Click here to download Juan's Quest (Spanish demo) and read its comments.

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