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Enter the Black
Author: Tomssuli Submitted: 2nd November, 2023 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 96

Edited By Tomssuli on 23/11/2023


You were exploring an abandoned hospital when due to your carelessness you became trapped..

There is an emergency backup generator that can open the electrically locked doors but it hasnít been maintained for years. Lights will flicker on and off every 10 seconds due to the unreliable grid connection.

Be aware, there are things that lurk in the darkness.

You have to find tools and equipment needed to fix the generator in order to open the doors and escape the hospital.

* WASD - MOVE! Donít just stand thereÖ on a second thought maybe stay put.
* Shift - RUN! But beware, there are things listening in the darkness.
* Space - PICK UP! (Also for interactions).
* M - OPEN/CLOSE MAP (If you have found a map).

Hint: Hover mouse over your inventory to get info on found/missing items!

Hint Mode: Can be activated from escape menu. Shows your position on map and a quest arrow when hovering over a missing item in your inventory.


Making the game
We originally made this game with very small team for Ludum Dare 51 gamejam. For the first time we tried how AI can be used to help to patch shortcomings in the team and made some background screens with Stable Diffusion. This was also the first time I tried my hand with a horror game. I think that despite of that we nailed the mood pretty well.

We've also made some fixes and enhancements to the game after the gamejam and decided to publish it now at the halloween time.

- Light/darkness system
- AI generated title screen, cutscene and scores background
- Human written, voice emulated intro
- Large hospital to explore with different zones
- Ingame map
- Two play modes
- 10 items to find
- A generator to fix
- Enemies that activate in darkness and use their sight and hearing to detect you
- Checkpoint system: You return to latest place where you found item or used it to repair generator
- Online high-scores where your playthrough time is recorded. Shown ingame and also on the blackenter website

Tomssuli: Coding and team lead
Koala: AI graphics, menus, music
Ducks: Ingame Graphics
Saana: Sound effects
SilentLegion: Level design, high scores backend

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