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New ClickZine!!!!!!!
News posted 13th August, 2002 by Rikus  

PeterG has finished his first issue of ClickZine! A lot of work went into it and it shows. This clickzine is of a very high quality and we are proud to be presenting you this here on the dc. You can either click here, to visit the very first issue or click on the brand new spiffy link on the top bar. Enjoy.

Posted by Alex Mangel 13th August, 2002

Err.. I guess peter has some strange obsession for NOT linking to the stuff he's talking about (see the cafelite review).. What's the point in reviewing something when people can't find it anyway?
Posted by Mindstorms 13th August, 2002

actually....there is a link, its on top where hte web scene link is. And......on behalf of hte cafelite site, id like to thank peter g for posting an unbiased constructive review of the site, instead of the flaming some people seem to like to give the site...
Posted by Bart 13th August, 2002

It looks like it had hard work put into it but why the ripoff DC design? Lol..I have no problem with it but maybe some do :D
Posted by jast 13th August, 2002

I do. I thought this was going to be a nice, independent, underground Ezine. Instead, it is another part of the biggest community site available. I mean, Rikus once asked it himself in the forums when someone wanted to open a new community site: Why don't you create something really new? I don't dislike it, but I'm sure I would have loved it if it was more a new site than a new part of TDC. This way, I don't.
Posted by jast 13th August, 2002

'Rikus himself once asked'. Bleh, stoopid language ;)
Posted by Simdrone052 13th August, 2002

I like the way you did it...
Posted by Rikus 13th August, 2002

Wow you guys to love to complain, i mean come on. Peterg wanted this design himself and i think it does work well. And it is independent, we the admins have no say over the content whatsoever.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 13th August, 2002

whats the point with it? dont dc allready got news and reviews on games?
Posted by Rikus 13th August, 2002

Whats the point in making free ware games? Right to have fun making it and to entertain some people. If peterg had fun in making this clickzine then he should get the support from everyone. And besides its a good clickzine and has some more detailed info on it then here on the dc.
Posted by Kevin Smets 13th August, 2002

I always had the thought to make a cool looking Klikzine kinda like "Maxim"... as a subdivision of Knp Tonight...never had time.
Posted by Kevin Smets 13th August, 2002

Good job on Clickzine Peter!
Posted by Mark Pay 13th August, 2002

I liked it, and the DC-esque design didn't bother me at all. Perhaps it should be a little different, but it works as it is and the content is good. Its a shame to see people dismissing other people's hard work so easily :(
Posted by Canazza 13th August, 2002

i recognise the layout, i cant remember where from...
Posted by Joshtek 13th August, 2002

Canazza, Fergs!
Posted by PeterG 14th August, 2002

Thanks for the good response guys. As Rikus said, the clickzine is independent, It just uses The DC as a front, it was originally going to be seperate, but I was approached by DC and who would give up that chance? Anyways, the next issue is in the works, and hopefully should be improved in every way. I also need any submissions available. Oh, and I love my new ranking!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 14th August, 2002

expert member! hey i also wanna make something pink ;) i didnt actualy check it all out before last message i like the greatest view and fun section maybe u could make it look more like a magazine instead of a website in the future? like just letting poeple download it as a *.pdf file with numbers on the pages
Posted by PeterG 14th August, 2002

I dont know if that would be a good idea, people would rather just view each page seperately than download a 2mb file. People with broadband would find it ok though. I am going to change the format slightly to make it less DCish andmore Magazinish, but it will still have the DC look going through it, it can only get better though!
Posted by DBack 14th August, 2002

I have broadband, don't liek .pdf etc.
Posted by Alex Mangel 14th August, 2002

Jonah -> Yeah, but not in the review, that's a little awkward don't you think? Ah well, probably me.. had a good time reading the thing Peter :). Keep it up, I like it!!
Posted by Alex Mangel 14th August, 2002

I do liek .pdf..
Posted by Alex Mangel 14th August, 2002

And yeah, Yorick's right, stop the ass-kissin Peter ;)
Posted by Anthony Lopes 14th August, 2002

ugh.. PDF sucks..
Posted by Burfelt 14th August, 2002

nice work peter
Posted by Kevin Smets 16th August, 2002

PDF doesn't suck if you intend to print it out. Think of it, you can get some nice paper, print out th PDF, and have a Klik magazine on hard copy!
Posted by Anthony Lopes 16th August, 2002

yeah, PDF is nice for printing, but I don't think it's realistic to expect people to print somethhing they can read quickly and easily online.. Plus, if you do it right, you can make an online version print great.


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