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News posted 8th September, 2002 by Rikus  

Ohhh we have a new poll today. Ok so it has nothing to do with clicking but it is interesting to know on what game system you like the most at the moment. The poll will end next sunday and i will try to refresh the poll every sunday from now on. Oh and if you want you can leave a couple of comments here on why you voted for a particular game system

Posted by Mark 8th September, 2002

The GameCube has to be the best, with Smash Bros, Mario Sunshine and Super Monkey Ball ne1 who likes REAL games, needs one. I'm betting PS2 will win tho, and ppl will insult the GameCube and XBOX. PS2 lovers that hate the cube-ACTUALLY LOOK UP THE WORD PLAYABILITY IN THE DICTIONARY. You'll find a picture of Mario, or Halo, not of Tomb Raider 7793. And we gots Resi too:)
Posted by Kristofor Durrschmidt 8th September, 2002

I favor a system not on the list.......the Dreamcast. LOL a whole slew of freakin amazing games with a simple mod you can play some unbelievable imports too. Ah well. We have already kicked Sega to the curb I guess. ;)
Posted by Simdrone052 8th September, 2002

SNES is not there either :( I guess its kinda the same as the GBA, but whatever... I voted for PS, COMEONE PEOPLE, where did DUKE NUKEM II (THE GAME) come from??? THE PC, yea, thats right FOO, the PC!
Posted by Mindstorms 8th September, 2002

PC!!!!!!!!its like all the systems combined.....and it does a lot more too, lol! In fact....i bet you have one!
Posted by David Niemeyer 8th September, 2002

The PC should be the the dreamcast because PC is the best by far.
Posted by Levi 8th September, 2002

yeah i didnt even see 'pc' there, im accustomed to the whole nintendo sega sony thing when i hear game system. so i voted ps2, cause it comes ready to play dvd's. if there was no dvd function i would have picked gamecube, because there are just too many really good games made for it, to name a few mario sunshine, zelda, metroid (my fav). if snes was on the list id pick it over anything, but lastly with no snes on the list, if i had seen the pc on there i woulda picked that. nobody cares i bet so i just wasted like 3 minutes of my life. lol
Posted by Levi 8th September, 2002

and gba is NOT the same as snes, as it isnt as revoloutionary, and not nearly as many great original titles have or will (judging by the way its been going for the past year) come out as there was on snes.
Posted by Josh Whelchel 8th September, 2002

ps2 = drool yeah
Posted by DBack 8th September, 2002

you = fool for not having dreamcast.
Posted by DBack 8th September, 2002

on the poll.
Posted by Smeech 8th September, 2002

I chose PS2... I don't care if GBA has a lot of SNES ports... the SNES was my favorite all time system. Just as long as they port some games like Soul Blazer, EVO, Terranigma, and Seiken Denetsu III. That'd rock.
Posted by Neo-Conker 8th September, 2002

i like ps2,gamecube,xbox,pc,dreamcast and snes:)
Posted by Jon Chambers 8th September, 2002

I picked X-box. It has 6-axis worth of controlls plus a crapload of buttons. It is also the most powerfull machine. This poll is bias, as you included PC's on the list. What about the people without PS's? Where do they vote?
Posted by Marcello 8th September, 2002

features/technical aspects don't make the system, so don't vote ps2 cause it has a dvd player, that's just lame. plus you can't compare pc with the other ones, considering it's 3-10x as expensive. It's a stupid poll. Marcello
Posted by Buster 8th September, 2002

GBA is the coolest cause its like a Sega Mega Drive and a Snes in one, I don't understand why sega are making games for nintendo though? should'nt they be like battling it out or somthin?
Posted by SoftWarewolf 9th September, 2002

pc shouldnt have been there... but when its there cmon... it can be any system and it can do absolutly anything + if ur illegal get absolutly all the best games free
Posted by Nobuyuki 9th September, 2002

Buster: When sega announced they would no longer create consoles in 2001, they became a software development exclusive group. They do not discriminate which consoles they will develop for now because they all bring in money.
Posted by Mark 9th September, 2002

Yeah, if the other companys did not set them on to work on games for their consoles, we'd see no more Sonic, Crazy Taxi or Virtua Tennis to name a few so it's really for the best. Even if playing Sonic on my GBA was a bit werid at first.
Posted by Blackstorm 9th September, 2002

I picked Gamecube because it has the best games, AND beacause it has all sorts of awesome attachments! (Portable TV, Yeah!) :)
Posted by Oka 9th September, 2002

I picked Xbox because it has the best games for me, dvd available, and because it's powerful. And of course because of Shenmue 2 :)
Posted by Al 9th September, 2002

I aint voting till you put the Dreamcast on there - nothing can replace it!
Posted by DBack 9th September, 2002

Shame on you, Oka; dreamcast had shenmue 2 quite a while ago.
Posted by 9th September, 2002

GameCube, x-box hasn't enough original games. Halo which was one of its launch title is still at no.1 in its charts. What does that say about good games for it?? PS2 is still a great console so thats why i bought one and a cube.
Posted by Mark 9th September, 2002

"What does that say about good games for it?? " That Halo is by far the best of them all
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 9th September, 2002

It's a bit of a silly question: "which game system rules the most?" No particular one "rules" over all the others, it depends what you like. I prefer Gamecube because of the guarantee of Nintendo 1st party quality games, but that doesn't mean I think it "rules" over the others.
Posted by Alex Mangel 9th September, 2002

I sincerely hate Nintendo because they keep bringing out fucking Mario games (a character which I hate from deep deep deep in my heart, they have been milking the same cow over and over again, even worse than Pokemon..) and other childish crap. Yeah don't come with those 3 or 4 games that weren't childish on the N64 (goldeneye etc), because their numbers pale compared to the childish stuff.. I chose PC because most old SNES games can be played on it, and because it had the most innovative games ever and is not limited by the same aging hardware like a console. But I would've chosen the GBA / X-Box if I chose for a console. Sony's cow isn't all that (I have a PS2 though), but I really like the games coming up for the X-Box (Project Ego, etc, etc)..
Posted by JML Games 9th September, 2002

Ps2 has the most games, and I like playing a wide variety, and well I think gamecube looks like a toy more then a system
Posted by Adam S. 9th September, 2002

gamecube rules all!
Posted by Levi 9th September, 2002

wow marcello, you are quite the negative person. even in irc all i ever hear from you is negativity. shut up. anyway i dont have a favorite as far as GC and PS2 games are concerned, i like them the same. but the ps2 has the dvd player also. so that makes it a better overall system. makes sense doesnt it?
Posted by Oka 9th September, 2002

DBack : I have a dreamcast, and I have finished Shenmue 1, and It was great, but I would like to see what it looks like on a Xbox.
Posted by Oka 9th September, 2002

JML Games : of course ps2 has the most games, because it's the oldest!
Posted by Ashman 9th September, 2002

Nobuyuki : Cool. I didn't know that. Oh and where are some of the others...N64 for instance....Yeah I know..Gamecube's better but still, people might like the N64 games better than the cube. I voted for PC though. ROMS & EMULATORS.....can't beat em. :)
Posted by matrixkitty 10th September, 2002

fools Gamecube is the best!! Its got most of the games the other systems have and better ones two GAMECUBE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Tigerworks 10th September, 2002

Can't you get emulators and downloads of games for PC of most other consoles anyway?
Posted by ruffles 10th September, 2002

Yeh, I've got an emulator of lots of systems, and there's even a ps2 emulator, though it just plays demos, not commercial games. then the pc should not be listed there, and be replaced for DC, which would make a more competitive poll. anyway, i don't like a PS2 more than a GC because of its gfx and it comes with DVD, I like a videogame depending of what kind of game i want to play, strategy, action, sports. for example, C&C is much better for PC than for N64, that is terrible to control with the stick.
Posted by Andi Smith 10th September, 2002

Andi :: 9/10/2002 GameCube - says it all. No explaination needed ;)
Posted by Andi Smith 10th September, 2002

hmm, I have NO idea why I wrote my name and date out. Too much ASP coding, methinks :S
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 10th September, 2002

WEll excluding PC(i dont really like to play games on pc anyway) i prefer x-box.The Reason?Halo.Nuff said.I think Halo is like the best game of all time.Best graphics ive seen.Best gameplay.Just everything.
Posted by Hagar 11th September, 2002

GameCube by far. Then PS2 then X-box on playability of course. The X-box has not got that much power as Books exclaim due to bus speeds, low number of bits on buses etc. But then again Pcs will always have more power.
Posted by Chrisbo 11th September, 2002

X-Box hands down. Gamecube = Cutesy little toy PS2 = Fun but outdated PC = Not even in the same league as consoles, shouldn't be an option


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