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Project: Splotches
Project Started: 14th August, 2008 Last Update: 4th January, 2022
Project Owner: OMC Project Members:
Project Type: Puzzle Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Splotches is a bamboozlingly funtertaining puzzle game we lovingly crafted for the peoples. If you like globs of paint and explosions, Splotches is just the game for you! Mix together the primary colors red, yellow, and blue in any order to make a Brownsplosion. Spread the colors across conveyor belts, through portals, over filters, and into buckets on your quest to destroy the mythical Rainbow Orb.

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On: 1st Aug 10, 11:05:48
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Now out on Switch
Posted 4th Jan 22, by OMC Post A Comment
Buy Splotches on Steam and iOS
Posted 4th Dec 18, by OMC 1 Comment
Nearly died just now from choking on all this devlog dust.

The game is back from the grave! We rebuilt it from scratch, and it's done. Go play it on your iPad or PC, y'goob.

Greenlit! Yay!
Posted 6th Jun 15, by OMC 2 Comments

TL;DR: Follow updates on Twitter:

Splotches was Greenlit. Woo! If you voted, thanks!

Urby and I only have about an hour a week, if that, to work on the remake, so that explains why it's taking so long. Jobs and uni and life and stuff, you know. We're pretty far along, with a finished gameplay engine. We've tweaked some elements in the mechanics to make it more logical and added a few items. Now we've got to port over and update all the old levels, build a tutorial progression that introduces things nicely, and put in all the effects and connective tissue.

Got a few fun ideas to promote the re-release. Some videos and the like.

Probably going to release on PC first because of the good bit of Steam news, but the iPad version will follow soon after!

I post stuff about dev on Twitter, so give a follow.

Feel a bit of a one-trick gamedev pony with this game, so excited to see it out the door soon in a form I'm proud of, so I can move on to the next big project!
Splotches on Greenlight
Posted 14th Dec 13, by OMC 2 Comments
Long time no blog!

Just popping in to share the link to Splotches on Greenlight:

An upvote would be FANTRUBULOUS. I would less than three you for at least three hours. It would be longer, but my memory isn't what it used to be. If you remind me about it, I'll less than three you for at least three more hours!

Splotches was recently featured in a sale from the Humble Bundle guys. If you happened to buy that bundle, you'll get a Steam key for Splotches if it makes it through the submission process!

Also, I'm mad busy with school and work, but Splotches for iPad is slowly coming along. UrbanMonk and I are rebuilding it from scratch!

Best wishes and tasty cakes to all of you.

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