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Project: Splotches
Project Started: 14th August, 2008 Last Update: 4th January, 2022
Project Owner: OMC Project Members:
Project Type: Puzzle Project Progress:
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Project Archive

January 2022
  Now out on Switch

December 2018
  Buy Splotches on Steam and iOS

June 2015
  Greenlit! Yay!

December 2013
  Splotches on Greenlight

December 2010
  Splotches Update

September 2010

August 2010
  Lots of Goodies

July 2010
  Demo Released
  A Timeline
  Things... get in the way.

June 2010
  Show and Smell

May 2010
  Puzzle Makers/Beta Testers/Feedback Gentlemen Wanted

April 2010
  Making a Puzzle

March 2010
  Jolly Crouton Media Beta Flash Site

February 2010
  Good mranning.

January 2010
  Preview Video **UPDATED**
  Some mockups and other goodies
  I really need to finish this.

November 2009
  Considering an assisting artist

September 2009
  An accident D:
  Hwurdeego? O_o

August 2009
  Because it had to be done
  Don't worry, still alive

July 2009
  A wild Splotch has appeared!

June 2009
  Under Renovation...

May 2009
  Because the dynamite explosion made my old effects look piddly...
  Splotches, now with 100% more explosions ***UPDATE***
  Level Editor (almost) Finished! Beta Testers needed.
  Snickety-Snackety Sneview Preview
  New Level Editor Interface
  ANOTHER video!
  Level Editor Update
  Level Editor: Fast Loops Done!
  New Preview Video!
  Weekendular progress!

April 2009
  Woot! More updatage!
  Opinions! ***UPDATE***
  Welcome a new team member!

March 2009
  Help Wanted

February 2009

January 2009
  Take a look-see...

October 2008
  I have decided...

August 2008
  Some concept graphics

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