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Project: The TDC Community Project
Project Started: 3rd February, 2009 Last Update: 30th April, 2010
Project Owner: Jon Lambert Project Members: OMC Mkingy Matthew Wiese Neuro
Project Type: Collaboration of Epic Proportions Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Here it is, and here it shall be!

This is the home of the new TDC Community Project, a collaboration between the members of The Daily Click to create a new and exciting game. Here, everyone will be working together to develop a game of epic proportions, which when finished will be highly respectable, very fun, and will have a piece of everyone in it.

While the game will be programmed using Click products (TGF, TGF2, MMF, MMF2), anyone can contribute with storylines, graphics, sounds, and other media.

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Posted 30th Apr 10, by Jon Lambert 6 Comments
I was just sitting around, minding my own business today when I thought about this. One of the main problems the last time around was creative difference. We couldn't decide on a story at all, now could we? Much time was spent going back and forth arguing about what should happen or who would be named what. That was not the only problem though. We also had a lack of leadership and direction, which was primarily my fault. I intend to remedy that as best I can. Furthermore, there wasn't a job structure, so it wasn't easy to tell who was doing what, or what was to be done at all.

As a result, I have decided to do this differently this time around. First of all, we're not doing a story-driven game this time around. Instead, to make collaboration easier, we will make a game based on the site in some way or another. We will make an online game in which you log in with your TDC account. Secondly, I will be asking for help in different departments, and then be assigning specific jobs. This should give the organization necessary for good teamwork.

Finally, we need an actual idea. My idea so far is to make the game a pseudo-3D world (similar to what would be in DC Chat if I had a decently working computer) in which people will log in, be able to move around, jump, and interact in multiple ways in different environments. This area will be the lobby. From there, people will be able to enter a stadium where they can compete in some sport (or multiple sports/games). Basically it'll be like those online games you find that focus around making rooms for playing, such as Kart Rider, Rumble Hero, or Tetris Live.

The project restart will not happen until later this week or next, so go ahead and comment on what I've said right now. I'll have more information about my idea later this week, most likely Saturday.
Uhhh, where are the amphetamines?
Posted 6th May 09, by Matthew Wiese 7 Comments
MBK suggested people create their own levels using the engine. And since this projects pretty much in a vegetative state, I hope this will wake it up.

I've Decided
Posted 28th Apr 09, by Jon Lambert Post A Comment
Here's what we are going to do. Unless, of course, a sufficient amount of people say otherwise. As opposed to making this a community project all the way, it will be a community project after the groundwork exists. Before then, I'll be looking for specific people to recruit to make tiles and backgrounds and music and sprites and such.

Then what we'll do is make the game able to load external levels and make it arcade-style with sorta-stories. Like an action-y Knytt Stories. It'll probably be based on the idea I posted earlier. There'll be a poll on the VIP forums.

Okay, maybe more tomorrow if I get around to it.
Good News, Bad News...
Posted 24th Apr 09, by Jon Lambert 3 Comments
Good news: I'm making two new power-ups for New Super Mario Land, one of which is sure to get in the game. In addition, I'm adding a hiding/searching ability and a weather system to Baby Ghost. Guess what else? It gets to keep its small graphics.

Bad news: I really don't know what to do with this project. Really. I thought I had it all figured out, and then apparently I didn't, and now I don't know what to do again, so... Someone else want to join and manage it for a while as I try to figure it out? Maybe you'll end up figuring it out... Anyway, the current idea is a short arcade game with timed levels. The picture can be seen in the devlog.

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