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Project: Hanuro Hawk
Project Started: 26th January, 2010 Last Update: 25th March, 2010
Project Owner: HitmanN Project Members: Asholay
Project Type: shmup, contest entry Project Progress:

Project Overview  

Description up to v1.03:

Hanuro Hawk
This was my entry to the 20 Event Competition 2010 hosted by Gamebuilder and Clickteam. It placed 11th out of 43 entries total, so not bad at all, I think.

Because of my limited experience with MMF2, I decided to simply try a common genre I hadn't explored before and make a game that looks pretty, is relatively bug-free, and has at least some replay value.

Thus Hanuro Hawk was born.

Hanuro Hawk is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up that has:
- 3 levels
- 6 different weapons, 5 strength levels each
- 9 different enemies of varying types
- Mostly random enemy spawns
- 1 boss enemy
- 2 game modes, "Mission" for a quick game, "Marathon" for a challenging survival type game (read: the real hi-score challenge)
- Personal hi-score for each mode
- Playable both Full screen and Windowed (640x480)
- Fancy instructions section, "Hanuropedia"
- Soundtrack by Asholay, with different track for each level, and menu (dang that one's beautiful!). Thanks Asholay!

In addition to the contest entry version, I'm planning on making a version with online hi-scores later.

Other details
Hanuro Hawk won't be compatible for Flash or Java export, most likely. I know I forfeit some bonus points in the contest for that, but I'm confident with the quality of everything else in the game.

There's plenty of graphics to go with the game, and as per contest rules they'll all be open-source after the contest.

I wanted to add as much stuff to the game as I could, so I wasn't stingy on those 20 events per frame. Currently each of the four allowed frames uses 19 20 events, except for menu, which is at 19 events. ;P

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By: HitmanN
On: 12th Feb 10, 16:08:03
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Enhanced Edition released
Posted 25th Mar 10, by HitmanN Post A Comment



Since working on "Tank Game" is taking all my free time at the moment, I've decided to release the current version of Hanuro Hawk Enhanced Edition.

The Enhanced Edition introduces some new stuff, such as:
- Online scoreboard for Marathon Mode
- Chain Opportunity events
- Minefield Event (Area 1)
- 4 Ship Upgrades
- Special attacks, one for each weapon
- Munitions Transports (drops special attack chargers)
- Bunch of fixes and balance tweaks

The scoreboard has been reset for the release, and I've scored some lousy scores so far, so you've got good chances of being first right now. Go and play some Marathon!

Once I feel like it, I might still add a few new features, plus I still haven't added the Nightmare game mode. For now, enjoy the current Enhanced Edition.

Download here:
More than just Online Hi-scores
Posted 2nd Mar 10, by HitmanN 6 Comments
For the past week or so I've been working on adding more stuff to Hanuro Hawk than what I had originally planned. There won't be new areas or enemies (aside from a special bonus ship), but the current list of new features includes:

- "Chain Opportunities" (Thanks to Asholay for originally suggesting chains), an event that happens once in every area at a random time. A chain of marked enemies will appear, and if you defeat them all... (see below)

- "Ship Upgrades" are rewards you get from completing chains. There are currently 3 of them. These grant a permanent boost to specific features of your ship. Obtaining all of them is meant to be relatively easy, but obtaining them in early game... not so much. Thus you'll find getting them in Mission Mode quite tough, much dependent on luck. In Marathon Mode preparation and weapon choice can improve your odds a lot. If you already have all the upgrades when you complete a chain, you'll receive a bonus that adds a bunch of points to your score instead.

- Area specific events. Both Area 1 and Area 3 will have a special event happening at a random time, in addition to the Chain Opportunities. These are mostly hazards, that can be passed with relative ease, but provide surprise events to break the routine level progress. (The Area 3 event is still 'under construction' though.)

- Supercharge Attacks. These are still a work in progress, but mostly done. Every weapon will have a special attack that can be accessed by collecting a number of superchargers from a new type of ship that occasionally appears in each Area. The Supercharge attacks provide a variety of functions, from shielding to a nuclear warhead. The damage caused by these is devastating to any non-boss enemy, and considerable even to the boss. (How and when you get to access this weapon is still being worked on, but the weapons themselves are already functioning.)

- Also being planned is a Nightmare Mode, with tons of tough enemies, but whether this will make it in the next release is uncertain at this point.

Once all these features are complete, I will probably consider it the final version, aside from maybe any bug fixes that might be needed. The last version will be called Hanuro Hawk: Enhanced Edition or similar, since it's got much more features than the original version for the 20 event compo.

Anyways, more about this in very near future.

Also, my birthday today, so yay! 28! Where's my walking cane?!
Online hi-scores, soon
Posted 18th Feb 10, by HitmanN 4 Comments

Even though the 20 event compo isn't even over yet, I'm already working on the planned Online Hi-score board edition. It's being tested currently, so expect a download very soon. There's only a board for Marathon mode for now, since Mission is too short and the results are affected by luck too much (lots of spawn = lots of potential points). Marathon mode is long enough to require some planning and evasion skills to be suitable enough for competing over. Online scores can be submitted after a Marathon game is over. To make submitting fake scores harder, any scores you have achieved before this edition cannot be submitted, only new ones right after achieving them.

No gameplay changes for now, but some sort of Nightmare/Survival mode may still make its way to the game in future updates. If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding this, then fire away! It should be good and fair enough to have its own scoreboard though, so not too many random variables.

Also, the next build will be in HWA, using Direct3D 9, so those who experienced slowdowns with the previous release might find the game more playable now.

More info soon!

(Screenshot shows my offline best and and online best at this time. Quite the difference. xP)
v1.03 uploaded.
Posted 13th Feb 10, by HitmanN Post A Comment
Seriously, why do all these bugs emerge now... >_<

Anyways, version 1.03 fixes another bug I just discovered, and also adjusts the amount of enemy spawns in areas 2 and 3 somewhat.

Download at the same page as before:

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