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Project: Royal Rocket Ruckus
Project Started: 13th May, 2010 Last Update: 30th January, 2011
Project Owner: OMC Project Members: -MacAdaM- Wiiman (Evan) Solgryn
Project Type: Online Duel Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview This here be Team 4's game in the super glory hallelujah teams of fantastic awesomeness and splendor competition, LLC Inc.

The name's WIP. (That's "whipp")

Originally intended to be an adventure tracking the escapades of Space Llama through... space, we've decided to go a different route. Instead, we're making an awesome online multiplayer Jepack shooter.

The rest is secret. Press conference over. Scoot.


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Obviously Defunct, But...
Posted 30th Jan 11, by OMC 9 Comments
I liked this game. It was a fun idea.

It obviously hasn't been completed.

Just throwing the project out there on the table for any people that might be interested in working on it. I was doing the art rather than the coding, and I'm not an online game programming expert!

I've got the source, so if I can get Solgryn and Wiiman's approval, I'd be happy to share it if another coder wants to jump on board.
Where did everyone go?
Posted 3rd Jun 10, by OMC 3 Comments
Macadam and Wiiman are MIA! And Solgryn's taking exams.

I do have a few screenshots anyway though.

Looks like we'll have to cut out some of the cool features we were planning due to time constraints, but I do hope we can put them in after the competition.

Hopefully Solgryn agrees.

Until next time!


New layout
Posted 17th May 10, by Solgryn 8 Comments
Let me be the first to update in a long time We've made some layout changes to the lobbies and the main game.

In the main game we added a small chat history box in which you can read previous messages that have been sent. We also got a text displaying whos in the lead.

Also, new awesome backgrounds made by OMC

Here are some screenshots:

The title screen (The main title will have some graphics soon )

The lobby screen:

The game lobby screen:

The character selection screen:

The ingame screen(kinda). Showing a llama killing another llama and gaining a kill point :
Posted 14th May 10, by Solgryn 7 Comments
Solgryn here with all new and spicy news for you guys! We haven't been updates here so much and we haven't provided any screenshots yet but I'm gonna add a few right now!

This update is mainly on the online part and how it works.

All layout/graphics are placeholders and will be changed in time of the full release (Okay maybe not the BG's, but the rest!)

Image *You power up when you don't shoot

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