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Project: Friday Night Time Traveller
Project Started: 3rd June, 2010 Last Update: 8th June, 2010
Project Owner: Flava Project Members:
Project Type: Point and Click Adventure Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Friday Night Time Traveller begins when a man returns home from a long day at work on a Friday Night. Like everybody else, he decides to take a trip to the pub and have a few drinks with his friends - but the night suddenly becomes an amazing adventure through time and space. Can this everyday man stop outer-space forces from disrupting time and taking over the Earth?

FNTT is a point-and-click adventure that takes inspiration from the old LucasArts games (in particular, Day of the Tentacle) and That Night Before.

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Talking to homeless people
Posted 8th Jun 10, by Flava 4 Comments



My game now has a new feature - you can talk to a homeless person! Or in other words, I've started work on the "Talk To" system today.

Quite simply it allows for scripted and timed conversations between yourself and other characters in the game. If you look at the screenshots, they show a homeless person who you can talk to. The conversation is scripted, something like this (note: this conversation is for engine development only, probably won't feature in the final game)..

YOU: Hey, are you awake?
HOBO: ZzzzZzzz..
YOU: Come on wake up, I need your help!
HOBO: ZzzzZzzz..
HOBO: AGH What the hell?
HOBO: What do you want, kid?

You're can then select between 4 different questions which will result in different paths in the conversation. Some questions will just provide dialogue, while others will help you move on in the game.

I'm quite pleased with how it works so far. I'm also thinking about re-designing the "Look at", "Pick up" and "Talk to" buttons. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know in the comments.
Small engine improvements
Posted 7th Jun 10, by Flava 2 Comments
I've been working hard to try and get everything in the engine nearly perfect - that means ironing out bugs and making sure everything is working exactly how I want it to.

Whenever the player interacts with an object, a string will be displayed over the character and display a little comment. So when you try to pick up the tree, he will say "I don't think I'm strong enough" or something along those lines. This string positions over the centre of the character, so the problem I had is that sometimes the string would go outside of the frame whenever the character was close to the frame edge.

I tried all kinds of positioning events to get it right, but then had more problems because each string length is different and the default MMF2 string object only gives X and Y co-ordinates for the object, not the actual string. So I switched to Text Blitter - which lets me use the actual string co-ordinates - and also gives a nice outline around characters so they're easier to see on the backdrops. So now the string positions as I want it too.

I also made some more improvements on interaction. Now whenever you interact with an object, the interaction takes place when the character walks up to the object he's interacting with (whereas before the interaction would occur as soon as the user clicks the mouse button).

There are still some things I want to improve such as the inventory system - I'll probably get to work more on that tomorrow.

6 years later..
Posted 3rd Jun 10, by Flava 3 Comments


So I've decided to try and make a game, something I haven't done for 6 years. I recently re-discovered Day of The Tentacle, which got me wanting to make my own point-and-click adventure. The thing I particularly liked about Day of the Tentacle was the fact that you had several characters in different points in time - and they could send each other objects from whatever time they were in.

So I knew that I wanted some sort of "time travel" ability in my game. I decided to stick with the player controlling one character, but he will have the ability to travel forward or back in time at any point in the game (at least, when he discovers how). So effectively, the player can choose three time periods: the present, future or past.

I haven't exactly planned a story yet - all I've decided is that the player gets mixed up in some crazy stuff when he finishes his night at the pub. And somehow he ends up in the future/past.

One thing that has always put me off making games is the fact I suck at graphics - I was always worried people would a) take the "mickey" out of my graphics or b) just decide not to play my game because of them. So for once, I'm trying to make a game and not be too worried about the graphics.

You can probably tell from the screen-shots that the graphics aren't the best - but I'm hoping they'll be good enough not to take away anything from the game. And I'm hoping people will be interested in playing a point-and-click adventure (which seem to be quite rare nowadays).

I'm concentrating on the engine first - so take the screen-shots with a grain of salt. So far I've got the action buttons (talk, look and pick up) working and a very basic walking engine which I need to work on some more.

I'm not sure if I'll finish this game, but I'll certainly try. Let me know what you think, and feel free to share some ideas or suggestions.

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