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Project: Twisted Tower - Chapter 1
Project Started: 19th December, 2010 Last Update: 5th March, 2017
Project Owner: HitmanN Project Members:
Project Type: Dungeon Crawler Platformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
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Castlevania marries Diablo. Twisted Tower is born.

Randomly generated dungeons, random loot, swords, spells, lots of enemies, lots of containers to break and open!

Twisted Tower will be released in chapters, with Chapter 1 having:
* 30 floors of randomly generated levels
* Three different level themes for the randomly generated levels
* Several outdoor areas for low-level practice
* Village where you can do some shopping, upgrade armor, and more
* 8 different weapon types (Sword, Mace, Greatsword, Hammer, Spear, Bow, Staff, Wand)
* Randomly generated weapons with thousands of possible attribute and feature combinations
* 40+ spells
* Tens of upgrade and consumable items
* Two selectable weapon-focus talents with sub-skills
* Tens of unlockable skills
* 30+ enemies
* Several special enemies
* Two bosses
* Art and sprites by HitmanN
* Soundtrack by Adrien Couturier, aka LoKi ( )
* Plus a lot more!

Expected release date for chapter 1 is currently uncertain, but there's hope for 2013 yet.

(newest video first)

Teaser Trailer #5

Older trailers (outdated music/content):

Early Teaser Trailer #4

Early Teaser Trailer #3

Early Teaser Trailer #2

Early Teaser Trailer #1

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6 29 2 years waiting..
By: HitmanN
On: 26th Jul 13, 26/07/2013 11:50:14
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No longer in development
Posted 5th Mar 17, by HitmanN 4 Comments
Hi all.

Considering that it's been almost three years from last update, I'm sure you can guess what happened. Or rather, that nothing has happened. The game is still in the same state as over two years ago, and I currently have no plans to continue further.

This doesn't mean that Twisted Tower is completely abandoned though. I keep having this desire to start over, focus on quality over quantity, go higher resolution, more detailed animations, more refined and bit more streamlined gameplay, etc. I just currently don't have the time and energy for game development. But some day in future... I'd like to try again.

If you haven't played Twisted Tower yet, the last public build should still be available in the Downloads section. It's around 3-5 hours of gameplay (depending on playstyle and platformer experience), most of the dungeon crawling features are in, but there's very little story, no quests, and the final boss is missing, the boss room door leading back to floor 1 of the dungeon. There's some replay value too, since dungeon floors are randomly generated, weapons and armor are random drops with random stats, and there are 6 talents to unlock, of which you can only unlock 2 each playthrough. Feedback is still very much welcome. I can use every bit for the remake I can hopefully do some day.

Thanks for following the development and I hope Twisted Tower in its current state has brought you some enjoyment.
Posted 11th May 14, by HitmanN 6 Comments
Ok, so the people who only follow this devlog are probably wondering what happened after the early alpha release last year. Basically, I started working on a fairly large change to how the weapon data is stored in Twisted Tower, and took a break halfway into the data conversion. I took too long, and it seemed a giant hassle to figure out where I left off and what I was planning on doing, so I kept postponing the update... until I kinda lost interest altogether. I had even overwritten the previous version of the project file, so a rollback would've also been tedious. Plus I was called back to my full-time job last August, which sucked the little energy and motivation I had left out of me. I was pretty convinced the early alpha was Twisted Tower's end...

Except that this weekend I dedicated two days to get my shit together and the data conversion done! I'm sure there are still small quirks here and there I forgot to update, but the essentials are done.

This means I have no more annoying obstacle in front of me to continue working on whatever feature I want. Unfortunately, I'm also committed to other art and game projects currently, so you can't expect any crazy big updates anytime soon. But at least I can do some small changes and additions every now and then, to build up some content for a new public build sometime in near future.

Regarding the actual weapon data conversion. While it doesn't on its own change much in the current state of the game, it opens up many new possibilities for the future, such as:
* More complex combinations of stats/features on weapons.
* Certain feature combinations that were previously conflicting with each other can now exist on the same weapon. (though not by default, but it's now possible to make them so)
* Weapon stats/features can now be made to scale in smaller steps, allowing a larger variety of strengths.
* Adding new features should be easier as well.

Plus, I've had almost a year to collect ideas and see which ones repeatedly come to haunt me. In other words, I know pretty much exactly what I still want to add in the game for chapter 1.

So, I'm not dead, Twisted Tower is not dead either, and I have plans and the means to continue development. Here's hoping my motivation stays strong enough to get chapter 1 to where it was meant to go. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and months!
Early Alpha - Download
Posted 18th Sep 13, by HitmanN 3 Comments
Early Alpha of Twisted Tower
Here's the download page (contains some information you might want to read before playing):

Direct link to Twisted Tower Early Alpha (Primary source):
If you can't download the file, the domain may have reached its bandwidth limit. In that case, use the link(s) below.

Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

A PDF file is included with the game, and it explains many of the aims and mechanics of the game. Many of these are intended to have a tutorial in-game, but since there's no tutorial yet... It's the place to look for that sort of info.

Anyone wanting to advertise the game, make videos on youtube or whatever, you may want to mention that:
* Twisted Tower is not finished yet, but the early alpha version is available to the public, so anyone can try it.
* The game isnít currently being actively developed, but it hasnít been abandoned.
* The best way to help me, the developer, is to post feedback, and tell people about Twisted Tower. Let's Play -videos would be awesome!


Review of Twisted Tower, in Russian, by SiberianLemming:
Twisted Tower Early Alpha coming up momentarily
Posted 8th Sep 13, by HitmanN 6 Comments
Early Alpha
After several months of inactivity with the project, I've decided to release the current build of the game as an Early Alpha release. Does this mean the end of the project? I don't know yet, but hopefully not. I was called back to my full-time job last month, and it's been eating away much of the energy I used to have for all this game development stuff, so for the time being there won't be any progress. Maybe after a while I'll feel like wrapping up chapter 1 properly.

I have submitted the game in the 'Downloads' section, but it's still awaiting admin approval.

As soon as it's available, you'll find it there. (I'll also post a link here when I can)

More Info
It is highly recommended that you read the PDF file included with the game, as it explains many of the game's features. Things that are meant to have a tutorial in-game about them, but don't yet. Such as explanations on character attributes, proficiencies, certain objects, etc.

Have fun with Twisted Tower!

If you like the game and want it to be continued, make yourself heard. Post feedback, tell your friends about the game, and so on!

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