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Project: Twisted Tower - Chapter 1
Project Started: 19th December, 2010 Last Update: 5th March, 2017
Project Owner: HitmanN Project Members:
Project Type: Dungeon Crawler Platformer Project Progress:

Project Archive

March 2017
  No longer in development

May 2014

September 2013
  Early Alpha - Download
  Twisted Tower Early Alpha coming up momentarily

March 2013
  Nasty bug, begone!

December 2012
  Slow going, plus holiday greetings!

November 2012
  Situational update

September 2012
  Braving on

August 2012
  Work continues

July 2012
  Slow times

May 2012
  Floating islands

April 2012
  *insert devlog title here*
  Teaser Trailer 5 is up!
  Twisted Tower has a new composer!

March 2012
  Slowdown, no worries!

February 2012
  Looking for a new composer
  Update - Colour coded weapons, portal network

January 2012
  i can has tiny progresh
  Nth Update
  Welcome... to Gearworks

December 2011
  Tiny progress is tiny
  Still Alive!

October 2011
  Slow Progress

August 2011
  Talent show
  Business time!
  Small update, with spells

July 2011
  Trailer 4 U + SPD/Stamina experiments

June 2011
  Polish, fonts, village...

May 2011

April 2011
  Catching up

March 2011
  Expanding on last update
  News from the catacombs
  Tales from the cryp... err... catacombs!
  New Trailer
  Randomness in the devlogness

February 2011
  Screw the weekend update.
  Controls and save points
  Looking for a musician
  Traditional weekend update! \/
  Problems D:

January 2011
  Quick weekend update
  HUD stuff and ... stuff.
  Placeholder title screen
  New video footage, plus info on character stats
  New screenies
  Happy New Year!

December 2010
  Quick update
  Info: Bows
  Info: Equipment
  Some screenshots

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