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Project: Project Zi
Project Started: 30th October, 2020 Last Update: 11th June, 2021
Project Owner: vSv Project Members:
Project Type: Platformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Project Zi (name will change later, it's just a project name).

Brief description
Project Zi is a game that's heavily inspired by a wide range of different games, but most notably, Super Mario, Metroid and Hollow Knight.

Your main character is the fox Zi.

Zi has three main ways to hurt enemies. Zi can either jump on the enemies, use different ranged attacks on them or attack them with her claws in four different directions.

As Zi is traveling the different levels, She will meet many different animals who are struggling with their daily lives due to story related circumstances.

Some animals will help Zi by teaching her new skills or lending her their powers. Some skills will also enable Zi to progress further in the world.

Zi can find many upgrades in her quest. Some upgrades will be necessary to proceed, but most will be optional and they're only there to improve Zi's overall abilities.

Zi will be able to unlock new areas and levels by finding the entrance to these places. After this is done, these areas will be added to her worldmap. In the beginning, Zi will have to travel from area to area, but as her skills grow, so will her ways of fast traveling.

The game will focus on three different level types:

Normal levels
Levels similar in length and height as those of Super Mario and similar games on the NES. These levels will normally have a time limit and be somewhat sparse on secrets.

Branching/Open levels
These levels will be similar in size as an area in Super Metroid. These levels will not have a time limit and there may be multiple secrets and exits in these levels.

Challenge levels
These levels will be pretty varied and there will not be any definitive rules that applies to all of them. Some levels might be similar to the "Murder Wall"-levels from Kid Chameleon while some will have a focus on haste. But there will also be levels that are challenging in some other ways as well.


The engine is mostly done. I'm using an updated version of my "Super Mario Bros. Fusion"-engine.
There will be updates to this engine, but most of the major things are very solid already.

This is where I will be spending most of my time, and it might take a while.

I'm not trying to fully emulate NES graphics. Instead, I'm trying to aim for graphics that I think could have worked on a slightly more powerful console.

I have graphical stuff that would never work on a NES. For example, multiple parallaxing backgrounds, no restriction to the maximum amount of objects on the screen and an extended color palette.

In most cases I will limit myself to 4 colors (or 3 colors + transparency) per 16x16 sprite. Although, certain sprites will have a couple more colors.

The native resolution of the game is 426x240.

In my other engine, I have created 373 enemies in total (minus ~100 enemies that are very similar to other enemies). This means that I will be able to easily add and modify these enemies to suit the needs of this game.

As such, most of the enemies are already done.

I'm using Fruity Loops with the 3x Oscillator and the NES VST to create the sound effects.

Creating sound effect doesn't take very long as they are rather short. Creating the remaining sound effects won't take very long at all.

I will probably hire another person for this.

To get the right feeling, the music will be added when the rest of the levels are done.

The story is presented from cutscenes and text at the beginning of the game. After this, most of the story will be told by dialogues and from short cutscenes.

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2 4 Keep it up, man!
By: vSv
On: 20th May 21, 20/05/2021 06:56:15
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New Ability: Ravens Escape
Posted 11th Jun 21, by vSv Post A Comment
This ability allows Zi to transform into a raven.

Oxygen Indicator
Posted 29th May 21, by vSv Post A Comment
Being underwater for too long is now dangerous as Zi can't keep her breath forever.

I've added a "Oxygen Indicator" to make it easier for the player to keep track of how long Zi can keep her breath.

Opened treasure chests will now stay opened
Posted 28th May 21, by vSv Post A Comment
I have figured out how to use Arrays to save which treasure chest has been opened or not.

It's now impossible to open the same chest more than once in a playthrough.

Also, clearing a save slot will also make the player being able to open the previously opened treasure chests again.
Current Playtime
Posted 26th May 21, by vSv Post A Comment
It's now possible to keep track of how much time have passed for each profile. Preview

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