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Project: Project Zi
Project Started: 30th October, 2020 Last Update: 10th April, 2021
Project Owner: vSv Project Members:
Project Type: Platformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Project Zi (name will change later, it's just a project name).

Brief description
Your main character is the fox Zi.
Zi has three main ways to hurt enemies. Zi can either jump on them, use different ranged attacks or attack them in four different directions using his claws as a melee weapon.

The game is heavily inspired by a wide mix of different games from the NES era and by the Metroidvania genre.

As Zi, you will be able to find many different animals that will help you in your quest. Some animals will lend you their powers which enables you to progress further in the world and find upgrades. Some might even tag a long on your quest.
Some upgrades that you find might be necessary to proceed in the game while most of them will be optional and only improve Zi's overall abilities.

The player will navigate the different levels through a world map that has many hidden routes and stages.
Some levels will be pretty large while some levels will be similar in size with regular Super Mario Bros. levels.

The game will have a focus on three different level types:

Normal levels
Levels similar in length and height to those that of Super Mario and similar games. These levels will normally have a time limit and be sparse on secrets. These levels will mainly use a Mega Man like camera system.

Branching/Open levels
These levels will be similar in length and height to an area in Super Metroid. These levels will not have a time limit and there will be multiple secrets in these levels. The player will have a less restricted camera as both the X and Y axis will be unlocked. To reach all the secrets and/or exits, you will need upgrades from the same and other levels.

Challenge levels
These levels will be pretty varied and there will not be any defined rules that applies to all of these levels. Some levels might be similar to the "Murder Wall"-levels from Kid Chameleon while others might be something entirely different.


The engine is mostly done since I'm using an updated version of my "Super Mario Bros. Fusion"-engine.
There will of course be many updates made to the engine, but most things are very solid already.

This is where I will spend most of my time, and this will probably take a while.

I'm not trying to emulate 8-bit graphics, instead, I'm trying to aim for graphics that I think could have worked on a slightly more powerful console.
Most of the time, I will try to remain true to the NES and limit myself to 4 colors (or 3 colors + transparency) per 16x16 sprite.
Although, in some instances, certain sprites will have more colors per 16x16 sprite.

The native resolution of the game is 426x240.

In my other engine, I have created 373 enemies in total (minus ~100 enemies that are very similar to other enemies). This means that I will be able to easily modify my existing enemies to suit the needs of this game.

Therefore, most enemies are pretty much done already. I just need to adjust them and add graphics to them.

Creating sound effects doesn't take very long as they are rather short. So ideally, it shouldn't take very long to create the remaining sound effects.

I have used Fruity Loops with the 3x Oscillator and the NES VST to create the sound effects.

This is an area where I will probably have to hire another person entirely.

The music will be added when the rest of the game is done.

I have some ideas for the story. However, I haven't yet decided how I want the story to be told.

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1 2 Love the grafics ...
By: vSv
On: 20th Nov 20, 20/11/2020 21:19:16
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Early Alpha video for The Dark Forest
Posted 10th Apr 21, by vSv 1 Comment
A short sneak peak into one of the many levels.

Nothing in this level is final and everything is subject to change.
New HUD layouts
Posted 3rd Apr 21, by vSv Post A Comment
Added three different HUD layouts (Dark/Light/Bright) that the player can choose from in the Options Menu.

These layouts are used in the Main Menu, when talking to NPC's, when getting Upgrades and in the Pause Menu.

Updated Bog BG... again
Posted 4th Mar 21, by vSv Post A Comment

I decided to remake the Bog background again since the old one didn't have the same style as my other backgrounds.
Posted 26th Feb 21, by vSv Post A Comment
I remade the checkpoints engine and added some new graphics for them as well.

The images shows the non-activated and activated state of the underwater specific checkpoint.



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