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Project: Project FOX
Project Started: 30th October, 2020 Last Update: 18th November, 2020
Project Owner: vSv Project Members:
Project Type: Platformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Project FOX (name will change later, it's just a project name).

What type of game is this?
Your main character is FOX (name will change later).
Initially, FOX will be able to jump on and use projectiles to hurt enemies.

The game is heavily inspired by a wide mix of games from the NES era and by the Metroidvania genre.
You will be able to find many different upgrades which in turn allows you to progress further into new areas.
Some upgrades will be necessary to proceed in the game, but most will be optional.
You will also be able to speak with and help many different animals.
In certain intances, the animals will also help you by lending you their powers.

The player will navigate the world through a worldmap that has many hidden routes and stages.
Some levels will be larger than you would expect from a NES or SNES game, but some levels will also be similar in size with regular Super Mario Bros. levels.


What is done and what isn't?
The engine is mostly done since I'm using an updated version of the "Super Mario Bros. Fusion"-engine.
There will of course be many updates made to the engine, but most things are very solid already.

The graphics is where I will have to spend most of my time.
I'm not really a pixel artist so this will probably take a while.

I'm not trying to emulate the NES to 100%.
Instead, I will try to create graphics that I think could have been available on a tiny bit more powerful NES.
Most of the time, I will try to remain true to the NES and limit myself to 4 colors (or 3 colors + transparency) per sprite.
Although, I will make exceptions to this rule every now and then.
For instance, certain sprites (like the rocks that has grass on them) uses 6 colors per 16x16 sprite.

The native resolution of the game is 426x240.

I have created countless of enemies in my other engine (373 in total, minus ~100 enemies that are very similar to other enemies) which means that I easily can modify these to suit my needs.

I really don't have much experience as a sound designer yet, but I have been able to create some basic sound effects in Fruity Loops with the 3x Oscillator.
I don't think I will have any problem to create the remaining sound effects myself.

This is an area where I will have to hire another person entirely.
The music will be made when the game is mostly done.

I have some ideas for the story.
However, I don't have any prior experience of being a storyteller, so I wouldn't be surprised if the story is kept rather simple.

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1 2 Love the grafics ...
By: vSv
On: 20th Nov 20, 20/11/2020 21:19:16
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Receiving the Bear Cub's Spirit attack.
Posted 18th Nov 20, by vSv Post A Comment
Just completed the new dialogue system.
The player can now talk to NPC's and receive things.




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