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Project: Zi: The three of hearts
Project Started: 30th October, 2020 Last Update: 26th January, 2024
Project Owner: vSv Project Members:
Project Type: Platformer Project Progress:

Project Archive

January 2024
  Flame Dash

December 2023
  A placid dream

November 2023
  The Dreadworm
  New backgrounds

May 2023
  Two small updates

February 2023
  Music for the Dark Clearing

October 2022
  Music for the Toxic Bog

September 2022
  Updated background for the Toxic Bog level... again

August 2022
  Sneak peak of the Giant Worms Nest level

February 2022
  The hedgehog can now use a spiky attack to defend himself
  Updated graphics for the Toxic Bog level

January 2022
  Improved camera engine

December 2021
  Added Gliding ability
  Controller support
  Option - NES Palette

November 2021
  Updated graphics for the Dark Forest level

October 2021
  Voxerite Gain Indicator

September 2021
  Quick Inventory
  New Hedgehog animations + Door transfer effect
  Cooldown indicators + Whirlwind FX

August 2021
  Idle animation and some more depth to the de-buffs

July 2021
  Information Signs
  New trampolines for The Toxic Bog

June 2021
  New Ability: Ravens Escape

May 2021
  Oxygen Indicator
  Opened treasure chests will now stay opened
  Current Playtime
  Opening Chests system
  In-game Confirmation Menu
  Edit Player Name

April 2021
  Introducing Food
  Remade the Bright HUD
  Early Alpha video for The Dark Forest
  New HUD layouts

March 2021
  Updated Bog BG... again

February 2021
  The Bottomless Pond
  And now for something completely different.
  Updated Mountain BG
  Updated Dark Forest BG + Multiple parallax layers
  Updated Bog BG + Hedgehog

January 2021
  More enemies
  Bog theme + Some enemies
  Updated Start Menu

December 2020
  Custom Pause Menu and Snow

November 2020
  Receiving the Bear Cub's Spirit attack.

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