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Project: Furious Fighters
Project Started: 12th February, 2021 Last Update: 1st May, 2021
Project Owner: Graeme2408 Project Members:
Project Type: Fighting Game Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Furious Fighters (working title, might change) is a fighting game based on mid '80's fighting games such as 'Karate Champ', 'The Way Of The Exploding Fist', and 'IK+'.

The game will feature 1 vs 1 and 1 vs 1 vs 1 matches, both point fighting and knockout wins.

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By: Graeme2408
On: 8th Apr 21, 08/04/2021 20:56:17
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1 on 1 on 1 gameplay now finished!
Posted 1st May 21, by Graeme2408 Post A Comment
Quick video showing 1 on 1 on 1 gameplay:

New playable demo available here:

On main title screen use Up and Down to select match type (1 vs 1 or 1 vs 1 vs 1).

Controls are the same as before but with these additions:

For the 3 way match, to turn around use button 3 + left or right to turn to your left or right respectively.

For a fighter facing right, pressing Up Left without pressing buttons 1 or 2 will turn to your left and punch, pressing Down Left (without buttons 1 and 2 pressed) will turn to your left and perform a high side kick. This is reversed if you're facing left.

If you press up or down you'll try to block an attack, even if it's coming from behind you, however you can't block an attack from behind you (and neither can your opponents!) so be careful!

So what's next? Probably make new levels where instead of points you have energy bars and fight until KO'd.

Long term - new backgrounds, fighters with different looks and possible new moves. Add a scoring system. Other stuff I've not decided on yet . . .
1 on 1 gameplay
Posted 28th Feb 21, by Graeme2408 Post A Comment
Some gameplay showing the player (white) vs an fairly easy AI opponent.

Almost finished the 3 fighters (1 on 1 on 1 IK+ style) engine, just adding collisions for fighters 2 and 3.

The background was put together in 5 minutes, I want to make better scenery for the final game. The sprites need shading, I'm planning to add different characters, some with different moves.
Playable demo of basic combat engine available now!
Posted 21st Feb 21, by Graeme2408 Post A Comment
So I've got the 1 vs 1 points based fighting engine done.

Playable demo available here:

Press any key to start from the title page (or if you use a gamepad, button 1 or 2).

CONTROLS: Arrow Keys, Z to punch (or button 1 on gamepad), X to kick (or button 2).


Right arrow: Move Forwards
Left Arrow: Move Back
Down: Block - to switch blocks, release then press down again as opponent attacks.

UP+Z: Snap Punch (can combo into another move)
RIGHT+Z: High Reverse Punch (can combo into another move)
LEFT+Z: Mid Reverse Punch (can combo into another move)
DOWN+Z: Lunging Reverse Punch

UP+X: Flying Side Kick
UPRIGHT+X: High Side Kick (hold/release buttons to fully execute/move cancel)
RIGHT+X: Mid Side Kick (hold/release buttons to fully execute/move cancel)
DOWNRIGHT+X: Low Roundhouse Kick from lead leg (hold/release buttons to fully execute/move cancel)
DOWN+X: Foot Sweep
DOWNLEFT+X: Mid Roundhouse Kick
LEFT+X: Reverse Roundhouse Kick
UPLEFT+X: Stepping Reverse Roundhouse Kick

To turn around, move past your opponent and don't press anything, you automatically turn.

To quit, ALT+F4 or ESC during game or end screen.

First to 3 full points wins. You get a full point for a perfectly timed technique, half point if not.

You need to land your blows precisely, straight kicks and punches must land clean on the face/body, however circular techniques such as the roundhouse/reverse roundhouse kicks can land on the side of your opponent.

This level plays very much Like the old arcade game 'Karate Champ' or the 8-bit 80's game 'The Way Of The Exploding Fist'. Like Fist, you can cancel the lead leg kicks by releasing the kick button before the kick fully executes - great for feinting an attack!
Unlike Fist, there's no tumbling over your opponent's head and you can't spam cheesy moves for an easy win. . .

Oh, and the AI opponent is smart, I can (and will) adjust the difficulty over future levels - he's tough but beatable!
Just started
Posted 12th Feb 21, by Graeme2408 Post A Comment

Animations are complete, sprites need more work. Currently working on collision masks.

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