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Project: Masters Of The Exploding Fist
Project Started: 12th February, 2021 Last Update: 27th January, 2024
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Project Overview  
Preview Masters Of The Exploding Fist is a fighting game made as a tribute to the 8-bit fighting game 'The Way Of The Exploding Fist' by Beam Software, released back in 1985 on the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and other 8-bit computers of the time.

Fight through a series of 20 Karate style matches to become a true master!

The game features a point-based fighting system as in the original Way Of The Exploding Fist, however 3 full points (Yin-Yang symbols) are needed to win instead of the original game's 2 points. Like the original, a full point is awarded for a perfectly timed blow, half point if the blow is not so clean.

Like the original, you score points for each attack that lands, the more difficult the move, the more points you score, however in this game you also earn tokens; 1 token for every 500 points. Tokens are used to buy 'continues' and in future updates will also be used to unlock skins for your fighter.

I made several changes in this game that make it different to the original Way Of The Exploding Fist, a full list of these differences is in the Read Me file included in the download.

The game is currently still in development.

Future planned features:

. Full contact matches featuring continuous fighting and energy bars similar to most other fighting games, but with a slight twist - perfectly timed blows will cause a knockdown and inflict extra damage.

. 1 vs 1 vs 1 Fighting - as seen in the 8-bit games 'IK+' and 'Fist+'. The combat engine for this mode is complete and working, the fighters need adding in and some small changes need to be made.

. One on one tournament mode with both point karate and full contact tournaments. These will be timed matches in a tournament setting.

. Unlockable skins - you'll be able to choose between several different looks for your fighter unlocking them using a token system.

. A quest mode or career mode of some sort.

. Local 2 Player mode.

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By: Graeme2408
On: 8th Apr 21, 08/04/2021 20:56:17
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Single Player game
Posted 27th Jan 24, by Graeme2408 Post A Comment
Single player game is more or less complete. More information and free download from here:
New Backgrounds and Character
Posted 25th Jul 22, by Graeme2408 Post A Comment
Got rid of the old background, added 2 new ones. The courtyard scene needs some work as it's a bit bland. Added a fighter wearing a classical style gi. Preview



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