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Public Forum ::. 373 Enemies?

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26th November, 2021

Are you going to have around 300 Enemies? WOW! Are they animated too?
My game I'm developing Ive done 17 enemies, with completed animations and thought that was good.
Possible to get a peek of your enemies? =

-Geniusly dumb.


1st December, 2021

Oh, no no... Maybe I should rephrase that sentence a bit so it's less confusing. I've made around 300 different enemies with different behaviors in my other game called Super Mario Bros. Fusion, which have lots of enemies from multiple games.

However, I'm trying to aim for having 3 unique enemies per level/biome so things don't get too confusing for the player

This will end up in about a maximum of 36 enemies give or take, maybe some more. And then I will of course have bosses on top of that.

But... I'm kind of in early alpha right with 3 playable levels/biomes (the goal is 13 levels/biomes). And as such I only have graphics for 18 enemies as of now.

If you're interested I can put together a screenshot of the current enemies, but I guess that maybe you were interested in seeing 300 of them

- vSv


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