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Review: Super PacMan
Author: Ashman
Added: 20/09/2002

This is a reasonable Pac-Man clone but could have easily been better.

*** Gameplay ***
Yawn. Well lets see. Admittedly Pac-man is the biggest thrill and this clone does not help it. In fact it is actually kind of ANTI-super. The enemy AI is not existant. If you did program some AI I couldn't see it I'm sorry. This definantly needs improving. The movement engine itself is pretty effective and very much a Pac-man engine.

*** Graphics ***
Graphics were alright. An effective loading intro, and the in game graphics were similar to the original Pac-man. Passable.

*** Sounds ***
Not very fitting. The sounds used were from various sources (even Windows sounds). They were pretty abundant but did not suit.

*** Lastability ***
Not very long. But like Pac-man there isn't like much variety so there isn't much reason to continue.

*** Overall ***
Disappointing but not a total loss. A bit of fun if you wanna kill a few minutes, but the Creator could do better. Not a must have but try it out.

*** Improvements Required ***
1. Better (or any) AI
2. Better graphics (though not really important
3. More suitable sound FX
4. Lots of terrains.


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