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Review: Super PacMan
Author: Shen
Added: 20/09/2002

This game is OK, but suffers from some small niggles. The game is the same as Pac-Man - collect all the Pac Dots around the level, avoid ghosts, and get fruit for extra points. The movement engine is OK and bug free, but as yet I haven't found any AI in this game - even after you've got the special dot the ghosts still run into you. Also, the ghosts should flash when about to leave the special mode, I found it annoying coming up to a ghost for it to suddenly change back and eat me.

Maybe it's my monitor, but the graphics did look a bit simple. Some shading on the blocks would've been nice. The loading screen is cool, but I'm still not sure why people put in loading screens in Klik games. There's no music and some of the sounds used are the Windows sounds, and some of them don't really suit the game. There is no title screen either, you're just launched straight into the game.

The lastability ain't great either. There are different levels to play, and a highscore table, but I found it quits after the highscore has been entered, oddly.

How to improve? Firstly, like Ashman said, add some AI. Add some music, there's lots of sites out there with free midi files. And detail the graphics. In my opinion, this could be a lot better.


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