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Review: Yeah Guys! 2
Author: Ashman
Added: 21/09/2002

This is a nice two player shoot em up which is full of colourful arenas and destructive weapons...what a nice combo. Please note I'll try and be as impartial as possible.

*** Gameplay ***
A nice two player format that allows you and a friend to kill each other over and over again. Unfortunately, it is only two player, so without a friend to battle it can be a bit pointless. This does deduct from the gameplay. Also a custom platform movement engine would have eliminated a few of those movement glitches.

*** Presentation/Graphics ***
Excellent 3D intro and easy to use menus. Text goes a little wonky but you can live with it. It's the in-game graphics which are not quite up to par, but still do the job nicely. Very arcade style and suiting.

*** Music/Sounds ***
Much like Yeah Guys Ultra, this uses Nintendo midis for Background music which for obvious reasons I cann't criticise lol. They work very nicely. Sounds are a little ugly and don't really fit but they are passable.

*** Lastability ***
If you have a friend the fun goes on for hours. If not then your in a spot of bother.

*** Overall ***
A good effort and well worth the download. Hours of fun are within this game, whether you can reach them is a different story. Get this.

*** Possible Improvements ***
Improved graphics, Custom Platform engine, 1 player mode. Then this game would be excellent. Perhaps a Yeah Guys 3 is required .


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