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Review: Quest (Demo)
Author: Ashman
Added: 24/09/2002

If Quest was to be found in the Dictionary it would be defined as a classic example of a time filler. Moderately fun, nothing intellectually strenuous and basic graphics. On with the review.

*** Gameplay ***
Probably the high-point of the game. You get to blow up zombies heads whilst being shot at repeatidly by the evil undead themselves. Muggus obviously made this a while ago, as I know his skills are far more advanced now. If it was to be continued, A custom movement engine and a little variety in the level might be useful.

*** Graphics ***
Egh. This was the part I was not looking forward to writing (I like Muggus. If I was writing a review for HiredGun on the other The Games Factory library graphics are all through the game, occasionally thrown in is an original piece of art. The title screen is EXCEPTIONALLY plain, and the level design is ugly.

*** Lastability ***
Very hard game. Death becomes you....ALOT! Definantly makes the stubborn members of DC want to continure playing, as I did. Good work here.

*** Sounds/Music ***
Sounds were all TGF samples but worked reasonably well, whereas the lack of music made each level seem very dull. When you die alot and have to backtrack, it helps to have some Background music to listen to. Marks lost in Presentation here.

*** Overall ***
An average game. A few good points and a few bad. It is only a demo and it's not too late to rectify the ill aspects of the Graphics, Gameplay etc. Although I have my suspicions that this game may not be continued.

*** Possible Improvements ***
-Custom Movement
-Original GFX
-Better Level Design


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