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Quest (Demo)
Author: Muggus Submitted: 24th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 73

This will be the first of a couple of games I have that i'll be posting here to see what you guys think...hopefully they work!

This is Quest. I started it in about 1999, this is quite an old demo of it. 10 levels, including 3 bosses. The first of 5 worlds in the full game so far...(50 levels, 15 boss stages)...It's an action packed type of platformer where your goal is to kill all of the aliens you see, and work out just what has happened to the universe, as you travel to many wierd and wonderful locals.

I'll just quickly give a run down of controls and stuff...or you can look here

Left and Right Arrows*: Walk Left and Right
Up Arrow*: Look up
Down Arrow*: Duck
Space*: Jump
Control*: Fire 1
Hold Shift: Fire 2
Hold Page Up and Page Down: Aim up and down
Enter: End level (When your finished)

* These controls can be changed in the control option or Ctrl+Y

You control the green human.
In you hand is your weapon and the blueish crosshair shows where you are aiming.
The aim of the game is to kill all of the aliens in each level.
Along your way you pick up red S 's that speeds up your weapons firing.
You also pick up circles with + 's on them that increase your maximum health.
You health is the red number in the top right corner of the screen.
When your health runs out you die and go back to the start of the level and continue on.
There are no lives so whenever you die you come back to life until you finish.
For all weapons in the demo you press fire 1 to shoot and hold fire 2 to shoot.
Some weapons don't work until you get a certain amount of weapon speedups.
Weapon speed ups work differently depending on what weapon your using.
You can only carry one weapon at a time.
It is a good idea to aim up and down at aliens and shooting from vantage points.


Michael Morgan AKA Muggus

PS...Tell me what you think!

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Posted by Muggus 24th September, 2002

Ooops...i posted the same screen shot 5 times! least they work!
Posted by 25th September, 2002

background ripped from ZEB in ur 6th pic
Posted by -Oka- 26th September, 2002

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww... disgusting... :O
Posted by Ashman 2nd October, 2002

You sure wanted us to see that pic Muggus ;)






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