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Review: Longy
Author: BobFromPikeCreek
Added: 29/09/2002


The gameplay in this game is mediocre at best. The monsters AI are decent though sometimes are a little "follow the leader until I die" style. The gun selection is very nice and the engine is very good for the sytle of gameplay. The biggest issue is the difficulty. Monsters do huge amounts of damage and take forever to kill, plus they are much faster then the player so avoiding a fight is pretty much impossible.


This is where this game shines the brightest. All menus are beautifully done and all follow the same theme. On the level selection screen there is a 3d model map of the entire game showing the position of the level. The save/load feature is effeicient and never fails.

This game is a very fun game for a little while, but quickly losses it's touch due to the enemy AI and extreme difficulty. I'd download this, though, to at least see the beautiful presentation.


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