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Author: zago Submitted: 24th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 120

in this Game u are Longy, a boy who works for a secret agency (sorry.. my "english" is a shit ) aliens, quiz, boss.. all in only 12 level..
"photo realistic" graphic, 3d sound, "dynamic shadow and light" and much more ...

emm.. yes.. I don't speak english very well....mmm..I don't speak english.

sorry if this article is short.. i can't write in english

anyway... try Longy!

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Posted by zago 24th September, 2002

ah.. right.. my site Url is
Posted by Hplkopra 24th September, 2002

looks cool. Downloadin' it now
Posted by Kamakazekrazyklown 24th September, 2002

Good presentation and great graphics. Unfortunately none of the text is in English so I have absolutely no idea what the story is about and it's difficult to get around. Regardless, I can tell that this is an awesome game.
Posted by zago 24th September, 2002

tnx :) ..yes.. sorry.. i wanted to do the text in english.. but as u see.. I don't speak english well :)
Posted by Zi-Xiao 24th September, 2002

This game has by far, the BEST CG graphics I've ever seen in a klik game. Nice attention to detail, like the shadow directions. Shadows will even show against walls when u go up to them. Nice job. The interface could use a little work though. The controls were also a little buggy.
Posted by BlackZombie 25th September, 2002

Really great graphics, the gameplay is kinda... Crap. The enemies moved too fast and so you didn't really have to do much in a fight. And it's in a different language! I feel all multicultural now...
Posted by N.i.k.o. 26th September, 2002

Sounds good, but i'll download it later.
Posted by zago 26th September, 2002

TNX ! :) please :)
Posted by Crono 27th September, 2002

"This game was, well, i didn't really enjoy it... but it's not an action game so i didn't like it... " and you gave it a 7?
Posted by Stian B. 28th September, 2002

Why the higg you review your own game?And only one sentences.The other review looks suspicious like you done too. At least try to make a better description. For now,i wont download.
Posted by zago 30th September, 2002

TNX for reviews! ah.. i'm italian.. I don't know what mean "Lastbility"?
Posted by OFFINC/Aharms 10th October, 2002

how long it is fun to play the game





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