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Review: Exmark - Lite Edition
Author: Isaac
Added: 28/10/2002

Anyone remember the Virtual Boy? A handful of infrared colors that were thrown together with red, black and everything in between. Thats the first thing one notices when playing Exmark - Lite Edition.
At only a couple hundred K, Exmark is a pleasent little distraction from the daily routine we call life. The player controls a circular crosshair that directs fire from a moving 'tank'. The objective is to blast the evil football-shaped enemies into oblivion before exiting the level. The footballs one shoots are wedged in various places behind large bricks that stop your fire. Although a little tough, the game can be played with a little practice (and memory as to where the footballs are).
One of my only complaints is that with such a small screensize, you only have but a few moments to target enemies. Up the screensize, or change the resolution before making the "heavy" Edition.
All in all, am interesting game, worth downloading even just to experiance the colors. Not an instant classic, but still fun to play. A change of setting would be nice, such as a cowboy-walking-through-the-town-killing-bandits sort of thing, but thats up to the developer.

Highs: Interesting, simple gameplay; small download.

Lows: Rather difficult; trial and error equals frustration.

Final Verdict: Try it out, but wait for the sequel.


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