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Exmark - Lite Edition
Author: ruffles Submitted: 27th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 184

Yes, another 4-color game. This game is a small version of my demo-game Tankball, which I *might* finish someday. In this game you control a target of a X thing and need to destroy all of some egg-shaped disks, while the X go through an arena with some obstacles. Didn't understand? Check the screenshot below.

The instructions are in the readme, but it's very easy to play Exmark. Just press the arrow keys to move the target and Space to shoot. If there are enough good comments in this game I'll make more levels and there will be a full version, not just a lite one.

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Posted by The Chris Street 27th October, 2002

This isn't bad at all, don't judge it by its looks
Posted by Matt 27th October, 2002

Posted by bigdave 27th October, 2002

they're just for people who can't be bothered to spend time on graphics
Posted by -Oka- 27th October, 2002

And you bother? :)
Posted by Heriberto Valle Martinez 27th October, 2002

they are fine, it`s a style ^^
Posted by Nico 27th October, 2002

Yeah, I'm bored with these 4-colour games. They're rubbish!
Posted by Trooper 27th October, 2002

At least these games are being made. I would rather have lots of good simple games than projects that will never be finished. :)
Posted by Silveraura 27th October, 2002

Yeah,it is much better then it looks
Posted by ruffles 27th October, 2002

Thank you for all the comments, and does it look bad?? Anyway, with more comments or not, I decided to finish this game! So soon this will be deleted, replaced by a bigger one (i'll try to 20 levels or more)
Posted by Muggus 28th October, 2002

4 colour are games are good IMHO because they are based on gameplay rather than than graphics...they're old school...back to the basics! That's what games should encompass these days can learn alot from them!
Posted by The Chris Street 28th October, 2002

Rafael, make the game full screen if you can :D
Posted by Chris Davis 28th October, 2002

For those who don't know how the 4 color thing started up, the answer lies in this thread created by Eric Vaughn:
Posted by Ted Boomerang 29th October, 2002

Hmmm... yknow. this 4 color thing gives me an idea. If I can figure out a way for MMF to give a command when it sees a certain colored pixel on a picture, I can create a program that makes a game from the code on a picture. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?!? if we were to do so, we could create an E-reader type program that lets people make games on a jpeg image. All the sprites and coding would be on the image. We can make it so bigger games like RPG's can have these things as prizes or secrets and could have big games without a huge file. the 4 color thing could make it easier to run as it wouldn't take as much resources. What do you think (I hate programing myself, but this is neat) Ted Boomerang
Posted by Fox (br) 30th October, 2002

E ae Henkin, muito Bom!:D pretty g:D:Dd!






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