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Review: Racer Smoooth (Full)
Author: Muggus
Added: 11/11/2002

After playing this game, basically to it's fullest...although I can't win hard skill level ...I think my comments are pretty honest from what I can say about it, and so on. So there's nothing i'm missing out on...or I hope so

In recent times there has been many a racing game created for Click. Racer Smooth is one of them, basically based around racing opponents, and not a great deal else!

The essential part of the game, and probably the main thing to analyse.
Basically, its you versus 3 other AI opponents racing around 6 different tracks. These tracks are all different and pose different challenges, they're pretty good. Although one of the tracks, you start off and change directions! :S
As for the racing itself, there's little consolation. The driving is not so much repetitive, or non-skill involved, but it seems to have to heart. It's obviously in-built race car movement, you can drive at full speed the whole way around without having to slow down, and you can basically steer the whole way, without having to accelerate. The speed of the cars is also rather slow, which means there's no slowing down nessesary. The car physics are non spinning, no drift, no skidding.
The opponents AI is half decent, although they do turn rapidly, and accelerate instantly, which is not fair for you driving. The also tend to drive over you and over each other. I don't think path movement is ideal for these cars. Although it does make for a good challenge when racing against them...apart from when they randomly crash
The gameplay can be frantic and involves a fair bit of skill, but just doesn't seem like racing cars. Not enough speed, not enough realism.
I think the game would also do with something more, such as more variety of cars, race modes, and possibly a timer with lap records so your not just racing the cars but the clock!

The thing that got me interested was the midi music, probably because some of them were familiar tunes by such rock/metal bands as Tool, Rage Against The Machine, and The Offspring. The rest of the midi music fitted the tracks accordingly. No problems there.
The intro and menu screen were both suitable really, nothing spectucular, but had all I needed to know.
The sounds, well I can't say there were many sounds. Could be useful in the game for crashing, skidding, and just background racing sounds. They do make the game a bit more real.
The graphics weren't too bad. Alot of the graphics on the tracks was library graphics, so i've seen them all before. I think for the graphics a bit of texturing or shading may be need for such things as the cars and drawn objects.

In this aspect I think the skill levels are probably the only thing that could make the game last. Basically all you want to do is complete the game in all 3 of these skill levels, which work accordingly...however the major problem is, that I finished it in all skill levels, but I didn't win in Medium or Hard and it told me I won!!!?
I was amazed! Big problem that!

It's not that this is a bad game, it's quite fun and it will keep you going for as long as it takes you to finish. It's good fun for the time being.
However, it just doesn't feel like a well made game, it has a few important bugs to be addressed, and it doesn't have much to come back to play.
I think with improved car movement, more convince opponent AI, a range of cars and gameplay modes, improved original graphics, and the obvious glitches fixed this game could be very good and worthwhile playing for a long time.
The game is worth a go, but don't expect too much more than what you see.


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