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Review: Racer Smoooth (Full)
Author: Kazu
Added: 26/03/2003

i'm a fan of racing games so i decided to check out a few. some of the racing games are broken links, but most of them don't have opponent racing, except for the Pajaro racing. This one has as much as 3 opponents so it is worth a go.

Menu's are simple...with photographs. That's nice,(for a change) especially the help picture. Although the colors are to bright...yellow one.

I think this is the built-in car movement. it's not very agile or realistic, but seems to serve the game quite well.There is no skidding, car damadge, pit stoping or anything. Tracks are of different difficulty ,but computer cars seem to crash out randomly? that's odd. Also i seem to win every time after the first time i win....big buggy thingy.

I like the graphics very much although some of it seemed to be recolored tgf library graphics. Cars are very small so there aren't gives the game a childish feeling. My brother's favourite game....
One track, the one in the city is very very nice, It's on the screenies.

Sound and music
The game has no sound. That is pure crap... Atleast a decent engine sound would be nice.
It has music.......not original (Tool, Ratm, Rammstein)

It has three difficulty levels in which i see almost no difference even though the maker claims there is. With the completion bug they are made useless. I can't say i've played it only once.
it's got good music so i fool around with it, but the game seems like it haves only a few hour spent on it.

Sound and Music:

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