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Review: Dragon Slayer [Demo]
Author: X-Member3309
Added: 12/11/2002

This game is pretty good. I really liked this game, but I am litlle bad of place out certificates, so I give it 6 points.


The graphic is nice, but not the main charather. It must have been taking about three minutes to write him. Even other stuffs is not so good, like the mountain wall. I didn't know that mountain walls was so straight and colourless. And the grass is just a big rain of pixels. But except that, it is even almost good.


There is one thing who destroy the gameplay: the cutscenes. There is two logofilms, then an intro and then the Main Menu. Then it is another intro with two frames. After that, four levels will be played wich the fourth of them has a midlle boss, and then a cutscene. Annoying, isn't it? So it is going on, and it will probably go so to the rest of the game. If it wasn't so many cutscenes, the game would be fun.


Even if it isn't look's like that, it is hard work behind it. They don't make too advenced events wich could lead to problems, but either they haven't used the Step- through- Editor at least. It is game like this I like to do.


The demo is short, but difficult and worth to play. This game will absoulutley be longer and better. I have recognised that the stones are better deeper in the game, so I really hope that they are going to uppdate the main charather too.


This game is worth to download.


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